Flood Damage Cleanup Northbrook, IL

Full-Service 24-Hour Emergency Flood Cleanup

Are you dealing with flood damage at your Northbrook, IL home or business? Let us help.

flooded basement restoration northbrook

It’s never easy to recover from the impact of property flooding in Northbrook. Water damage due to faulty plumbing can quickly spread throughout your home. Storm flooding can shut down your business indefinitely.

Regardless of the type of flooding at the house or your

workplace, you can depend on ServiceMaster by Zaba 24/7 for a full line of professional flood damage cleanup in Northbrook, IL.

As active members of the surrounding community, our teams are standing by, ready to help Northbrook property owners in zip codes 60062 and 60065 recover from flooding.

We’re here for you day and night to help you recover from these situations and more.

  • Property-wide water damage caused by storm flooding or heavy snowmelts
  • Basement flooding due to sump pump failure or appliance breakdowns
  • Walls, floors and ceilings soaked by flooding from leaking or frozen burst pipes
  • Home or workplace flooding resulting from plumbing system failures
  • Dangerous Category 3 black water contamination after storm floods or sewage backups
  • Residential and commercial buildings flooded by broken fire sprinkler systems
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Our 7-Step Emergency Flood Cleanup Process for Northbrook, IL

1. Immediate Flood Damage Inspection

Our emergency response puts us at your door within 90 minutes of your call.

flood cleanup northbrook

Our teams immediately inspect your flooded home or business and secure the property as needed. This may include tarping the roof and boarding up windows.

2. Complete Assessment and Action Plan

Based on our inspection, we draw up a comprehensive assessment of overall damages. This gives us the framework for developing an action plan, which we share with you. You know what to expect throughout our process.

3. Property-Wide Water Extraction

Our technicians remove floodwater property-wide using advanced, truck-mounted extraction systems. We take care of residual water with specialized vacuuming equipment, including hardwood floor and subfloor drying systems.

4. Floodwater Damage Mitigation

As we work through the water extraction phase, we use industry-proven mitigation techniques that prevent the damage from spreading. Our technicians clear out general debris, tear out ruined walls, floors and ceilings, and dispose of unsalvageable materials.

5. Expert Structural Drying

Floodwater damage mitigation also includes applied structural drying. Our teams set up heavy-duty axial fans, centrifugal air movers and desiccant dehumidifiers.

flood damage restoration equipment

We closely monitor the process until all water-damaged interiors are completely dry.

6. Flood Damage Remediation

Next, we deep clean areas and surfaces affected by the flooding. This is followed up with a second scrub-down using specialized sanitizing, disinfecting and deodorizing products.

Our teams also eliminate mold from flood-damaged materials with industry-proven methods that prevent its return.

7. Complete Interior Restoration

With this last step, we return your home or business to its pre-flood condition. Our technicians excel at rebuilding ceilings, walls and floors. Every detail is given professional attention, from baseboards to trim.

When we’re done, we join you on a walk-through inspection. Your final approval is our assurance that we’ve successfully restored your property and your peace of mind.

Call for expert flood damage cleanup now.

Why Choose ServiceMaster by Zaba for Flood Cleanup?

We’re at Your Doorstep In Less Than 90 Minutes

When you need flood cleanup in Northbrook, we’re at your doorstep in 90 minutes or less.

With headquarters located in Skokie and Buffalo Grove, we’re able to dispatch and arrive on the scene immediately.

Whether you’re dealing with soaked carpets, soggy belongings or a flooded basement in Northbrook, count on our emergency response.

Our Highly Trained Technicians Use Advanced Technologies

We restore your home or business with advanced technologies that address all types of flood cleanup in Northbrook.

Our IICRC-certified technicians use the latest equipment and industry-proven techniques to mitigate flood damage.

From storm-soaked walls and ceilings to flooded basements, Northbrook residents rely on our experienced teams for flood cleanup.

We Know How to Work With Your Insurance Carrier

Our knowledgeable staff helps navigate the claims process for all types of flood cleanup in Northbrook.

As Quality Restoration Vendors, we’re insurers’ preferred choice for addressing water damage and flooded basements in Northbrook.

By working with your insurance company, ServiceMaster by Zaba restores your property to normal as quickly as possible.

Additional Flood Damage Cleanup Services for Northbrook, IL

  • Flooded Basement Restoration – When a home floods in Northbrook, the damage usually impacts the basement. Our powerful, truck-mounted extraction systems quickly pump out standing water, regardless of depth. We restore finished basements, clean water-damaged contents and can often salvage appliances.flood damage cleanup team northbrook
  • Category 3 Water Remediation – Our technicians are highly trained in all aspects of Category 3 water cleanup and remediation. We handle emergency situations involving contaminated black water, including storm flooding, sewage main backups and drainage system breakdowns.
  • Flood Cleanup for Businesses – Burst pipes or broken fire sprinklers can shut down a business indefinitely. Our teams respond with industrial-grade equipment, advanced tools and the expertise it takes to restore your flooded business as soon as possible.
  • Property-Wide Mold Removal – Natural flooding and plumbing failures create an environment that results in the rapid spread of hazardous mold. We remove all types of fungal growth, including toxic black mold, with industry-proven remediation techniques that restore your property’s interior health.

What Neighbors in Northbrook Say About Us

Joanna provided my fiancé and I with exceptional communication and customer service through our renovations needs!
Liz Bailon
Liz B.
03:06 31 Aug 23
I had a great experience with Joanna Cintron, she is very professional as a receptionist and she made me feel heard when I asked all my questions. Thanks
Luis Echevarria
Luis E.
03:03 31 Aug 23
UPDATEI had ServiceMaster out again after the July 2, 2023 sewer back ups in the city. The crew came back out and quickly dried and cleaned/disinfected my basement and returned twice to ensure everything was completed to my satisfaction. Everyone was a complete professional and they explain every step of the way, from the office staff to the cleaning crew and follow up representatives the sent. I highly recommend them.Neil and the crew really know there job. They are professional, fast, reliable, courteous, and very sympathetic. They work well with the insurance company which helps immensely when dealing with an emergency. Highly recommended!!!
16:28 29 Aug 23
Fernando and his team "hand held" my situation from the moment I called him to report the incident. Fernando was EXTREMELY helpful in guiding me with what to discard, how to value the lost items, how to present the same to my insurance adjustor and sharing his own personal experience with the process. Every time I contacted him with questions during the process he again was informative, patient and continued to provide guidance. On the day my personal property was delivered his staff was uber professional (laid contractor paper on the new floors, asked for placement of furniture, etc. ) and even removed an old wine refrigerator from the rental unit where I was residing). I will share my positive review with my insurance agent and the adjuster. In todays "new" world of difficulty with expected customer service (and lack thereof) Fernando and his team were a pleasant surprise. I do hope I never have to use his services again (lol) however if I do I know I will be satisfied.
Nancy Summers
Nancy S.
15:10 17 Jul 23
I have a rental property in Lake Forest and the renters were vacationing last week. The temperatures dropped and warmed up and when they got back the house was flooded due to a pipe that burst in the ceiling. I immediately called ServiceMaster by Zaba in Chicago and they came out within the day to clean up the mess and dry everything out. I definitely would recommend them to anyone who's experiencing water damage in their homes!
20:02 08 Feb 23
Had a small kitchen fire. Luckily I was able to extinguish it myself but it left a big mess in my kitchen and entire apartment. ServiceMaster cleaned it out and within 48 hours they got rid of the soot/smoke smell and had cleaned the entire apartment from soot residue. Highly recommend them.
Jecenia Cabrera
Jecenia C.
02:37 28 Dec 22
Service master provided me with excellent customer service. They responded quickly to my water issues and answered all my questions and concerns in a professional manner. I never experienced this type of home issue before and they were able to fix my water problems without adding additional stress. I would definitely recommend this company to any person experiencing water damage in their home. In today’s day it is very difficult to find a trustworthy and reliable company that can do a good job. Service Master is definitely the company to call in a water home emergency. I would definitely use them again for any future restoration issues.
Tatiana Hernandez
Tatiana H.
17:40 27 Dec 22

Helpful Resources for Northbrook Residents

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How much does flood damage cleanup cost in Northbrook?

Flood damage cleanup in Northbrook typically costs between $3,000 and $8,000. It depends on several factors, including the size of the flooded property, the extent of structural damage and the type of water that caused the flooding.

Can I clean up flood damage to my home or business?

Property flooding often leaves behind hazardous conditions. You may be dealing with contaminated materials, unstable walls, floors and ceilings, dangerous debris and compromised indoor air quality. Leave flood cleanup to our industry-trained technicians.

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage from storm flooding?