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The carpets in your Lincoln Square home work hard. Every day, they pad your steps, add beauty to your space, and trap dust, allergens, and dirt.

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Isn’t it time to show them some love?

Professional carpet cleaning in Lincoln Square removes ground-in dirt and debris from your carpets’ fibers, protects your investment, keeps carpets soft and vibrant, and improves your home’s indoor air quality.

When residents in Lincoln Square, IL need carpet cleaning, they turn to ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba. Our team of expert carpet cleaning technicians uses cutting-edge, truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment to gently remove buildup from your carpet while preserving the character of your rugs.

Our techniques are safe for even delicate materials like silk and wool. We also offer eco-friendly carpet cleaning services and commercial carpet cleaning that works for your schedule.

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Our Comprehensive 6-Step Carpet Cleaning Process for Lincoln Square

When you work with our team, you expect outstanding results. Here’s the proven process we follow to exceed your expectations:

carpet cleaning service in lincoln square chicago1. Consultation

Before we begin cleaning your carpets, we conduct a comprehensive customer consultation. During this consultation, we’ll discuss your expectations and take note of any issues affecting your carpets.

We’ll look for worn patches, stubborn stains, and high-traffic areas. We’re always happy to answer your questions and discuss our process during this step.

2. Carpet inspection

Next, we’ll take an even closer look at the carpets you’d like cleaned. We’ll identify the material the carpets are made of and inspect the backing materials. This inspection allows us to choose the cleaning method that will be safest and most effective for your carpets.

3. Pre-cleaning preparation

To make our professional carpet cleaning even more effective, we conduct some pre-cleaning preparation on your carpets. We start by using a heavy-duty vacuum to remove surface debris and accumulated grime. If your carpet has pet stains or stubborn spots, we’ll apply a special pre-treatment product that makes them easier to remove.

4. Deep cleaning

Next, our team starts cleaning. Using state-of-the-art steam cleaning equipment, we’ll gently agitate the fibers of your carpet to remove contaminants, allergens, dirt, and set-in odors. To ensure that your carpets stay pristine and damage-free, we only use products formulated for your carpet’s material and backing type.

5. Deep rinse

We’ll follow the cleaning process with a deep rinse. This process is designed to remove any leftover traces of cleaning solution, and leave carpet fibers and padding clean, vibrant, and pristine.

6. Grooming and inspection

Finally, we’ll complete the job with a hand-grooming that fluffs individual carpet fibers and restores your carpet’s soft underfoot feel. Before we consider the job complete, we’ll conduct a final walk-through with you to make sure you’re satisfied with our work.

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Why Choose ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba for Lincoln Square Carpet Cleaning?

We’re carpet cleaning experts

Our IICRC-Certified carpet cleaning technicians are experts at removing tough stains and ground-in dirt. We have years of experience and are trained in the newest and most advanced carpet cleaning techniques.

We provide restoration services

We do more than just clean carpets – we also restore them! Our team will repair and salvage carpets damaged by water, fire, or excess wear. Most carpet cleaners do not offer this specialized service.

Our customer satisfaction levels are among the best

ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba consistently ranks as one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Lincoln Square. We’re proud of our excellent reputation and put in the work to maintain it daily

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How to Care for Your Carpet Between Cleanings

carpet cleaning lincoln square chicago

Regular carpet cleaning, combined with these simple maintenance tips, will help your carpet last a lifetime:

  • Vacuum carpets weekly. Once a week is ideal for pet-free homes, while 2-3 times per week is good for homes with pets or young children. Vacuuming removes surface debris and prevents them from being ground into the carpet’s fibers.
  • Change your filters. Make sure your vacuum sucks up as many allergens as possible by changing the filter every 3 months, or more frequently in pet-friendly households.
  • Spot-treat spills. Blot up spills quickly, and make sure to use a gentle spot treatment to remove them from the carpet.
  • Use water-absorbent mats at doors. Keep water and dirt from making their way inside by using absorbent entry mats.