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The furniture in your home always makes you feel right at home. You settle in favorite chairs, relax on comfortable couches and enjoy the beauty they bring to every room. Over time, your cozy spots become dingy with accumulated dirt, spills and even pet hair. Sofas and chairs eventually lose their lovely appearance and fresh smell.

Are you thinking about recovering or replacing your chairs and couches? Have you weighed that expense against the cost of an affordable furniture cleaner service?

Our certified technicians rejuvenate the good looks of your home’s furnishings by restoring their freshness and removing tough stains and odors. As part of our full line of residential cleaning services, we provide the best upholstery cleaning in Chicago, and we cover the suburbs too.

When You Hire Our Furniture Cleaning Company, You:

Extend upholstery life

With regular cleaning, upholstery materials hold up better to the wear and tear of a busy home. That means additional years of both beauty and service from your favorite furnishings.

Enjoy fresher, healthier interiors

Our certified upholstery cleaning teams remove more than dirt and stains. The process also eliminates allergens, dust mites and mold spores, so your home smells fresher and stays healthier.

Count on certified specialists

All our technicians are industry certified and highly trained. Your chairs and couches receive professional care from the best furniture cleaning company in Chicago and the suburbs.

We Offer the Following Upholstery Cleaning Services:

We proudly offer the best furniture cleaning in Chicago, and we also provide a full line of restoration services for furniture damaged by fire, smoke or water. If you’re thinking about replacing older furnishings, call us first here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba. Be sure to ask about our green cleaning services too.

Here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba, we’re proud of our reputation as the very best furniture cleaners in Chicago. We’re always ready for your call.

Couch Cleaning

cushion cleaning serviceIf you’re turning cushions to make the couch look more inviting, it’s time to bring in our teams. We offer expert cushion cleaning and sofa cleaning in Chicago, and our services include stain treatments for all types of fabrics.

We use advanced equipment to completely remove allergens, dust and pet hair from upholstery, linings and frames. Our regular couch cleaning services also help extend the life of sofa fabric. We make sure your comfortable couch looks as new and smells as fresh as it did when you first brought it home.

Furniture Cleaning

Your sofas, chairs and recliners pick up dust and allergens every day, but furnishings aren’t usually groomed with more than a quick brush and a firm pat. Professional furniture cleaning in Chicago involves specialized methods that remove dust, pet hair and even tough stains. Homeowners across the city trust our certified technicians to clean furniture and treat all types of upholstery fabric with expert care.

Special Fabric Cleaning
special fabric cleaner

The upholstery on modern furniture comes in a variety of fabric blends while older sofas and chairs are often covered in wool or cotton fabrics.

High-end furnishings are sometimes upholstered with fine leathers or luxurious silk blends. Every type of furniture covering presents a different cleaning challenge, and we know how to take care of each one. We offer the most experienced sofa cleaning in Chicago, so you can trust us with your furniture’s delicate fabric coverings.

Mattress Cleaning

When you lay down for a good night’s sleep, the mattress shouldn’t smell funny. A spill from breakfast in bed shouldn’t become a permanent stain. Your mattress plays such an important role in the quality of your life, so treat it to professional care at least twice a year.

Our specialized mattress cleaning restores your bed to its original freshness, and our techniques also remove mold spores, allergens and other air-borne contaminants. You deserve to sleep well on a clean mattress, and you sleep healthier too with our professional mattress cleaning service for Chicago homes.

Interior Car Cleaning

car upholstery cleaningIf you’re like most Chicago residents, your car’s upholstery doesn’t get much attention. Whether something spills in the front seat or the pets shed in the back seat, you just give everything a quick wipe.

Our car upholstery cleaning can help restore that special new car shine. Our technicians take care of fabric, vinyl and leather couch cleaning, and we also thoroughly vacuum and clean your car from floor to ceiling. We provide complete interior car cleaning across Chicago, and our services cover the suburbs too.


How Does Upholstery Cleaning for Your Home Work?

commecial upholstery cleaningBefore we begin cleaning any upholstery in your home, we inspect each piece of furniture and determine its fabric type.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and gentle products to thoroughly clean fabric coverings. Our teams carefully clean cushions, crevices and bottom liners on couches, chairs, loungers and more.

Our highly trained technicians tackle all kinds of stains including pet accidents, and we provide upholstery stain-protection options. From leather recliners to sofas covered in nylon blends, your furniture looks and smells brand new.


What Customers Say About Us

Frank Grzandziel
Frank Grzandziel
15:48 14 Nov 18
After Hurricane Florence our home was in shambles. We called some local companies for remediation services and were quickly disappointed by them. We called ServiceMaster Restoration By Zaba at the suggestion of our insurance carrier. ServiceMaster contacted us and set an appointment to survey the damage. Neil and Lewis came to our home (which was in a state of destruction from Florence) and actually took the time to put on shoe covers (even though I told them they didn't have to) because they respected our home. They surveyed the damage and quickly submitted the repair estimate to our insurance carrier. During the remediation process Neil, Lewis and their Entire crew acted in a professional and respectful manner. I had no problem in leaving them in my home unattended because they were extremely trustworthy. I could go on and on but I'll simply say that I Highly Recommend ServiceMaster By Zaba. The office and field staff are among the best crew that I have ever dealt more
Bentley Suggs
Bentley Suggs
19:16 26 Oct 18
The team did a thorough job in removing damaged floors, ceilings, and partial walls after Hurricane Florence. They came in and worked diligently until the job was complete. I'm thankful for their fast work and help. Neil Omar was especially helpful as he assisted me with getting insurance approval expedited. I was fortunate to have found Service Master after the storm. Once they began working I felt like recovery was more
Devanie Howard
Devanie Howard
01:15 18 Oct 18
With a few days of rain in Chicago my basement had lots of water.. not only did they do an amazing job but it was done quickly and efficiently. Thanks guys for all of your help and saving my sanity!
Kenya Lloyd
Kenya Lloyd
21:40 26 Sep 18
Came home from work and it was raining in my living room, and dining room, there was water gushing through all the light fixtures and can lighting, some of the ceiling was already starting to cave in. I ran upstairs because I thought for sure the water had been left on but everything was fine. I had to turn the water main off because the waiter would not stop. We called our plumber, insurance company and Service Master. We did not know where to begin. Such a bazaar situation. They had to remove the entire living room ceiling and found a burst water pipe from the bathroom above. We still do not how that happened. The water ruined my entire first floor and most of my basement. This was such an inconvenience, I cant even begin to explain. ServiceMaster did an excellent job, they had to gutt the entire first floor and basement, their work was immaculate and left everything very clean, they did not leave any garbage behind, it was clean and ready to go for my contractor to start the reconstruction process. We are still not in the house, however my experience with service master was excellent, as well as my plumber and insurance more
Carmen Caraballo
Carmen Caraballo
21:38 22 Sep 18
Woke up to a flooded kitchen! Apparently the plumbing lines in your dishwasher can burst for whatever reason. I always run the dishwasher at night before going to be bed, but this time while the dishwasher was running at some point it had a burst water line. This happened some time while we are all sleeping. I woke up at 6am with a loud knock on my door. My downstairs neighbor said it was raining in their unit, what a nightmare! My condo was flooded, floors and carpets and drywall soaked. Water everywhere and the units below me are beyond upset. The building sent in the engineer who could not fix anything. In a desperate search I found ServiceMaster Zaba on-line, they were able to come out right away. They told me to call insurance and also talk to the condo association. So this review is tell ServiceMaster how awesome they are, and also to bring awareness to those who own a not run a load overnight and get it checked regularly, this was a big mess for my unit, and two units below me. Thankfully ServiceMaster was able to service all of us at once but I cannot begin to tell you what an awful feeling it is to wake up to this more
16:17 18 Sep 18
A few days ago I came home to find that a pipe burst in my bathroom and the whole place flooded. I tried cleaning up whatever I could by myself but gave up and decided to look for a water damage restoration service in Chicago. I found ServiceMaster by Zaba online, read the reviews, and decided to hire them. They saved my home! The water removal and cleanup service wasn't cheap but they worked with my insurance company and billed them directly. I'm really fortunate for Diana and her team. They are top notch and I'll definitely use them in the future for other cleaning more
Brandon Munoz
Brandon Munoz
21:12 02 Aug 18
Called servicemaster after the roofers caused a big dusty mess in my apartment. They cleaned everything in my apartment, walls, ceilings, fans, cabinets, etc... they saved the day.
Eric Perez
Eric Perez
14:28 01 Aug 18
Love these guys! I had a toilet overflow, not sure how that happened, its just me and my wife in the home. My wife got home and freaked out, so much water. We tried to clean it up but there was no way we could do it ourselves . our agent called in ServiceMaster. These guys first calmed my wife, I couldn't do it, then they walked us through the process and started their thing. There was a lot of drywall that had to come out but fortunately they were able to save the floors. Thanks for all your help. The girls at the office are great more
Zhantelly Houston
Zhantelly Houston
20:43 27 Jul 18
Great company for water damage cleaning, arrived fast and helped with the insurance claims process. Would recommend to anyone.
Deborah Grant
Deborah Grant
15:17 22 Apr 18
This review is for the office staff, I called ServiceMaster for advice on water damage. I had a toilet overflow in my basement, water traveled through the drywall and affected floors. I got to it right away and started cleaning up the water. I googled how to clean up water damage and found their blog. I followed the steps they provided. I'm a tenant so my landlord was not going to pay to have someone come out since he felt it was my fault. I called servicemaster around 7pm on Sunday and Brittney was very helpful, she spent 20 minutes on the phone with me and provided me with guidance. Again it was a smaller job so I was able to do it myself. She was not pushy about her services and actually told me I did everything I should have done to avoid secondary damage. I got a call from Servicemaster the next day checking in to make sure I was still doing ok. Great customer service from this more
Jessica Bautista
Jessica Bautista
15:25 21 Nov 17
Our house suffered an electrical fire causing damage throughout the entire home. My husband and I didn't know where to begin to get our home back in order. We called our insurance agent, and he said to call ServiceMaster by Zaba, which is one of their insurance vendors. When i called the office the staff made me feel very comfortable, they were very friendly and walked me through the claims process. Within the hour the project manager and technicians arrived. They were very professional and answered all of our questions, we had plenty of questions and the staff never got annoyed with with us. The entire job took about a week to complete because of all the adjusters that had to come and look at different areas if the home, the adjusters said ServiceMaster was on point with their scope which made me feel even better. I could not be more grateful for ServiceMaster by Zaba and their fantastic team! This review is for their emergency services, I will follow up soon with a review for their Reconstruction services, as we will be starting that next week, but I am sure they will do a wonderful more
Bari Cohn
Bari Cohn
01:12 14 Sep 17
I called ServiceMaster by Zaba while my basement was in the middle of flooding. In a panic, I asked for a crew to be sent out asap. (It was a horrible storm that day with lots of power outages) Brittany explained that they were all booked up and would have someone out in 24 hours, but would call me if anyone cancelled. I wasn't hopeful. Well, sure enough...two hours later, Brittany called to say that someone had cancelled and they could make it to my house within two hours. A crew of 4 people came over and looked at the damages. A full verbal and written estimate and explanation was provided on the spot. We agreed to the work and these amazing men went to work. This crew was TOP NOTCH. They worked non stop to remove the water soaked carpeting, remove the baseboards around my basement and cut holes in the walls for air circulation to prevent molding. Then several fans were placed around the rooms. They explained what would take place over the next few days and when they would be back to pick up the equipment. All of the guys were friendly, professional, neat, hardworking and did everything as promised without any surprises or hidden fees. This was not an easy job at all ! The equipment was picked up, as promised, and followup calls were made by the office to see if were were satisfied with our services. I hope that I don't ever need restoration services again, but I can assure you that I wouldn't call anyone else except ServiceMaster by ZABA. I learned that the ServiceMasters are independently owned. I cannot speak for the other locations.....but based on my experience, there is no need to look elsewhere. I usually do not write on-line reviews, but I felt that this was something worth taking the time to share. A huge thanks to Brittany, Diana and the rest of the crew from Zaba. You made a really lousy situation in our basement so much easier!!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING !!!!!read more
Wendy Monroy
Wendy Monroy
19:04 07 Jun 17
Our basement flooded recently. My husband and i were out of town when a neighbor called to say there was a pool of water in our basement. Both of our sump pumps went out. We called Service Master and they came out within the hour. Considering that we were out of the country the process was not as bad as we thought it would be. I won't go into too much detail but I will say I felt completely comfortable with them, they navigated the insurance process with my insurance company and the agent. My son in law was at the property on our behalf and said they were doing a phenomenal job. We had a lot water damage, and Service Master did an outstanding job cleaning up everything. They took care of our belongings and did not leave debris everywhere. We were a bit worried that we would be walking into a big mess and were surprised at how clean everything was despited removing all the drywall and carpet. Really appreciate the work Service Master did and appreciate how much effort they put into our claim and giving us the opportunity to enjoy our vacation in the middle of such chaos! Thank you!read more
John Kennedy
John Kennedy
15:18 26 Apr 17
I am opening shop in a few weeks, my business has a lot of construction dust, unfortunately the contractors did a horrible job in protecting some of the areas of my store. ServiceMaster gave me a quote. I took three bids and although they did come in at the lowest price, I went with their bid. They were very thorough during their inspection and really knew what they were talking about. The staff did a phenomenal job, I am glad I hired more
Claudia Ramirez
Claudia Ramirez
20:50 10 Jan 17
I had water pipes burst in my condo right before the holidays. I did not expect December to be so cold considering the mild winter we had last year. I was out of the country when the neighbor who was feeding my cats called to tell me it was flooded inside my condo. It was frustrating, I did not want to fly back since I had 4 more days to go on my trip. The property management company recommended ServiceMaster by Zaba. I reached out to them by email because calls were difficult at the time, they responded back quickly and sent me a bunch of information as far as what steps to take and what will take place. They went immediately to inspect my property and started working right away. They helped me get a plumber, they spoke with the insurance company on my behalf and coordinated with the building for access. I received update emails and pictures daily. I felt totally comfortable with them in my condo, of course the neighbor stopped in regularly to check the work but everything seemed to be running smoothly. I had to be confident that everything would be ok and that I could trust this company. All my carpet and padding had to be pulled out, most of the hardwood floors, my hallway bathroom and kitchen both had burst pipes, there was a lot of damage so I knew what to expect. ServiceMaster technicians left my place very clean, there wasn’t any dust and all my furniture and personal belongings had been protected. Of course, I went through all my stuff to make sure everything was there and it sure was. This company is trustworthy, professional and skilled, I wish I could give them 10 more
Vanessa Torres
Vanessa Torres
21:40 29 Sep 16
Phenomenal, professional and precise. Their name says it all -- SERVICE MASTER! The service we received at our organization was impeccable. From the customer service to their on site associates, we had the best experience hiring them to give our theatre a deep cleaning. The moment we had patrons walk in, you could tell the freshness of the air from cleaning out the air ducts and the immaculate floors. We totally appreciate the team that serviced our organization, they arrived at our facility with smiles and made sure we were pleased with their work. I highly recommend their service from small to large more
Jenny Fitzgerald
Jenny Fitzgerald
18:44 11 Apr 16
i called these guys again for a deep spring cleaning in our office. They came out a couple of months ago for a fire. Now that the construction has been done we needed a deep cleaning. They sent a different team which i was bummed about but it was their cleaning team. I cant complain, they did an excellent job cleaning all of the construction dust, hvac, carpet, floor mats, etc... This company is great, Alecia was a fantastic team lead and very more
James Williamson
James Williamson
19:58 22 Feb 16
I experienced a sewer backup in my finished basement. My insurance company said to call ServiceMaster. They came out quick, assessed the situation and went straight to work. I had a lot water damage that affected my carpets, walls and furniture. Although I was in a hectic and unpleasant situation I had a great experience with this more
Jill Nelson
Jill Nelson
18:18 25 Aug 15
Remember that time when it rained 2 ½ inches in 30 minutes? Yeah. That night, within moments, my tenants’ garden apartment was literally under water: 9:30 at night, the three of us were running around, screaming, throwing towels everywhere, but it was like using a cotton ball to soak up a river. The next morning, I went on Yelp and randomly chose Servicemaster by Zaba to clean up the mess. Here’s how it went down: I called the Zaba office and the phone was answered immediately by a real person; my insurance information was recorded and I was told crews could be out within 30 minutes (!wow!); within that time, at least two trucks showed up, workers spilled out, and the mitigation began. Every bit of wet material - from carpet to drywall to cabinets -- was removed immediately to prevent mold and further damage, and what remained was sanitized. Drying equipment was placed throughout and the big dry out began. But then came a SNAFU. A big one. One that made me cry. My insurance (ALLSTATE) said they would deny the claim. Why? After first approving my claim, the adjuster came back and quoted my uneducated description, deciding against coverage. Mind you, the adjuster did NOT bother to visit the apartment. Moreover, I do not know an overhead injector pump from a sump pump, seepage from back up, sewer this or sewer that, or other specialized insurance lingo. All I knew is that water was ankle deep in my apartment and it was an unlivable mess. Now, Allstate was making it a catastrophe!!!!! So much for those “good hands!” However, I didn’t have to worry: Neil Omar, owner of Servicemaster by Zaba, personally came to my home to help me. We did a walk through of my whole place, looked at the pumps, drains, and sewer locations. Then, we got on the phone with Allstate and talked to the adjuster’s manager. Within a few minutes, my claim was approved. I am not naive that Neil had a vested interest in the deal. But if not for him, I would have gotten screwed. He would have gotten paid either way but, instead, he worked ON MY BEHALF. That’s customer service - for ZABA, the CUSTOMER comes first!read more
Jeff Riemer
Jeff Riemer
02:00 14 May 14
They came to my house in Niles, IL after a long night of rain and flooding after my sump pump went out. They showed up in a timely manner and took out all of my carpet, disinfected the flooring, and cleaned the whole basement quickly and professionally. The crew that came out was very friendly and introduced themselves individually which made me feel more comfortable about the whole situation. They explained step by step what they were doing and also what they recommended. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone who has to deal with flooding or any problems and they have earned a lifelong customer from me. read more
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View Our Full Range of Home Cleaning Services

In addition to our furniture and upholstery cleaning for Chicago homes, we offer these residential cleaning services:

• Carpet and Rug Care
• Expert Hardwood Floor Care
• Tile and Grout Cleaning and Polishing
• Whole House Air Duct Cleaning
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Q: Should I have my furniture cleaned on a regular basis?
A: We recommend professional upholstery cleaning at least once a year. If you have a busy household or enjoy the company of pets indoors, you might want to have your couches and chairs cleaned more often.

Q: How long does your upholstery cleaning process take?
A: It depends on furniture condition and upholstery type. Heavy cleaning takes a little longer, and stain protection adds time to the process too. Most furnishings are dry and ready for use within a few hours.

Q: What sets your services apart from other furniture cleaning companies in Chicago?
A: All our technicians are experienced, highly trained and industry certified. We specialize in taking gentle care of heirloom furnishings, and we also offer eco-friendly green cleaning options.

Q: Can you restore water- or fire-damaged furniture?
A: Yes. We’re one of the few Chicago furniture cleaning companies that also provides a full line of restoration services. Our teams can often salvage furnishings after a fire or water emergency.

The Best Upholstery Cleaning in Chicago

furniture cleaning expertsFresh sofas and clean chairs always make your home feel more comfortable and welcoming. We know how much you care for your furnishings, so let us take care of their upholstery and fabric coverings.

Let ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba be your trusted furniture cleaners in Chicago and the suburbs.

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