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Chicago’s Gold Coast has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1978. It earns that honor as home to important landmark sites, including the Old Chicago Water Tower and the Newberry Library.

This special part of the city is also home to elegant residential buildings and upscale businesses. Residents here are proud of the beautiful interiors that make the District unique.

We’re proud to help maintain local homes and businesses with the best area rug cleaning in Gold Coast. ServiceMaster by Zaba also offers professional rug care for local theaters, museums, galleries and more.

Our expertise covers all types of rugs, from treasured family heirlooms to expensive oriental rugs. These are just a few examples of the area rugs we clean, repair and restore every day.

  • Hand-spun wool Pakistani rugs
  • Luxury Karastan area rugs
  • Multicolored Indian dhurrie rugs
  • Hand-woven Afghani area rugs
  • Large Aubusson tapestry rugs
  • Handcrafted Oriental rugs
  • Vintage silk Persian area rugs
  • Expensive antique needlepoint rugs
  • Fluffy wool flokati area rugs
  • Exclusive designer-name rugs
  • Exotic fur and fine leather area rugs

When you need rug cleaning, you can trust us with imported, domestic, machine-made and handmade area rugs. ServiceMaster by Zaba offers a full line of rug care for Gold Coast zip codes 60610 and 60611, and we also offer professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

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Our Area Rug Cleaning Services for Gold Coast

oriental rug cleaning gold coast chicagoYour lovely area rugs need exceptional care. We provide the services that prolong their beauty and maintain their value.

ServiceMaster by Zaba offers all the extras you expect from the top-rated area rug cleaners in Gold Coast, including:

Customized Area Rug Cleaning

No two area rugs are alike. That’s why we customize our cleaning process according to the individual rugs at your home or business. Each one receives our detailed attention and expert care.

Fiber Protection Options

We offer highly effective protective treatment options that help preserve delicate area rug fibers. The applications provide long-lasting stain and odor resistance and increase overall rug life.

Hands-On Rug Repair

Our area rug technicians address all types of repairs, including reweaving, refringing and foundation problems. We overcast unraveled edges, patch tears and take care of wrinkled and warped area rugs.

Certified Rug Restoration

You don’t always have to give up on fire- or water-damaged rugs. Our technicians apply industry-certified knowledge and years of experience to restoring salvageable area rugs. We can restore insect-damaged rugs too.

Our On-Site Rug Storage

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from storing your valuable area rugs in a safe environment. Our secure, on-site rug storage facilities are climate-controlled, and we provide free rug pick-up and delivery.

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Why Choose Us As Your Area Rug Cleaners in Gold Coast?

Complete Area Rug Care

We specialize in area rug cleaning, and we offer additional services you won’t find anywhere else. You can rely on us as your one-stop shop for complete rug care.

Eco-Friendly Rug Cleaning

You may prefer our certified green cleaning options for area rugs. We’re happy to accommodate your request with eco-friendly techniques and Green Seal products.

Odor Removal Guaranteed

We back our odor removal process with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. It works that well. It’s also one of the many reasons we’re consistently rated as the preferred oriental rug cleaners in Gold Coast.

Our Area Rug Cleaning Process for Gold Coast Residents

1. Free Rug Pickup and Consultation

rug cleaning gold coast service chicagoWe start with free rug pickup, scheduled around your timetable. As we prep the rugs for transport, we discuss any concerns you may have, answer your questions and offer professional recommendations.

2. Detailed Area Rug Inspection

Back at our state-of-the-art facility, we thoroughly inspect your rugs to determine fiber type and construction. This detailed examination allows us to make the safest choice for cleaning each area rug. If we find any overlooked problems, we contact you right away.

3. Recommended Pre-Cleaning Treatments

Based on our initial consultation, we address any rug stains with highly effective pre-cleaning treatments. Odors are taken care of with an overnight soak in a natural enzyme solution. We also ensure color fastness with special treatments that stabilize rug dyes.

4. Gentle Hands-On Area Rug Cleaning

Next, each rug is individually cleaned with hands-on shampoo or dry-cleaning techniques. Our methods gently remove dirt from rug fibers, fringe and backing. We recommend protecting your freshly cleaned rugs with a final protective treatment that helps them resist stains, odors and everyday wear.

5. Closely Monitored Rug Drying

Once we’re done cleaning your area rugs, we move them to our climate-controlled drying facility. The rugs are carefully blocked so that they dry without wrinkling or warping. Our technicians closely monitor this step, adjusting each rug to make sure it maintains its original shape.

6. Final Fiber and Fringe Grooming

This last step restores the soft feel and subtle luster that makes your area rugs so special. Using only hand tools, we gently groom rug fibers and smooth rug pile. We also give the rugs a final examination to be sure they meet the highest standards of our rug cleaning process.

7. Complimentary Doorstep Delivery

By appointment, our teams deliver the freshly cleaned area rugs to your door. If we’re returning them to your business, we schedule delivery around your working hours. As we place each rug in its original location, we ask you to inspect our work. We don’t consider the job done until we have your final approval.

How much does professional area rug cleaning cost in Gold Coast?

The average cost for professional rug cleaning in Gold Coast is $50 to $300. Factors that affect the cost include rug condition, size and materials. Call us for a free estimate and details about our latest area rug cleaning specials.

How often should I have my area rugs professionally cleaned?

Area rugs need professional cleaning at least once a year. We recommend cleaning rugs more often in commercial settings and homes with busy families.

Why do my area rugs need climate-controlled storage?

Yes. Climate-controlled storage protects area rugs from damaging humidity that sets the stage for mold growth in rug fibers. It also keeps expensive rugs safe and eliminates the danger posed by insects, such as carpet beetles and moths.