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Looking for Five-Star Carpet Cleaning in Chicago’s Gold Coast? Trust ServiceMaster by Zaba.

truck mounted carpet cleaningThe historic character of Gold Coast is reflected in its stately 19th century architecture and picturesque streets. Magnificent mansions, grand hotels and renowned landmarks give the area a unique charm.

Residents of this lovely neighborhood take very good care of the beautiful interiors in their homes and businesses. Luxurious carpeting is an important element of the decor that makes these properties so special.

When residents in Gold Coast need professional carpet cleaning, they trust ServiceMaster by Zaba. We deliver the five-star carpet care residents here expect, and we’re ready to serve you too.

Our premier carpet cleaning services include these specialties and many more.

  • Gentle steam carpet cleaning using advanced truck-mounted systems
  • Treatment options that protect carpets in all types of settings
  • Certified restoration techniques for water- and fire-damaged carpets
  • Green Seal eco-friendly carpet cleaning available upon request
  • Carpet cleaning appointments arranged around your schedule
  • Custom carpet care plans developed for your home or business

ServiceMaster by Zaba provides unmatched expertise in carpet cleaning for Gold Coast zip codes 60610 and 60611. We also offer professional area rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning services. Call us today for a complimentary estimate.

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Our Carpet Cleaning Process for Gold Coast, Chicago

gold coast carpet cleaner1. Initial Inspection and Consultation

Our technicians arrive on schedule and conduct an inspection of carpets that need cleaning.

We invite you to accompany us and point out any problems, such as stained or heavily soiled areas. During our consultation, we answer your questions and address any concerns.

2. Expert Carpet Assessment

Next, our team examines all carpets to identify fiber type and construction. We also confirm pad and backing materials. This assessment gives us the information we need to determine the safest techniques for cleaning your carpets.

3. Pre-Clean Prep and Treatments

Pre-clean prep includes vacuuming carpets with commercial-grade equipment to remove deep-seated dirt and debris. We pre-treat stains, odors and heavily soiled fibers with highly effective applications that expedite the cleaning process.

4. Certified Steam Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning technicians work with advanced truck-mounted systems that deliver a precise combination of water and cleaning products. This gentle steam cleaning loosens and washes away carpet dirt and contaminants.

5. Deep Rinse and Extraction

Our deep carpet rinse removes any remaining microscopic debris and leaves fibers completely clean. The extraction process ensures that carpet materials are free of excessive moisture so that they dry as quickly as possible.

6. Hands-On Carpet Grooming

We finish up by gently grooming your carpets with specialized hand tools. This final step evens out the carpet pile while restoring fibers to their original softness. When we’re done, we ask you to inspect our work. With your approval, we consider the job finished and thank you for your business.

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Why Choose Us for Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Custom Carpet Care Plans

We develop custom carpet care plans based on customer preferences. You don’t have to worry about when carpets need cleaning. We design a carpet cleaning schedule that works best with your schedule at home or your business.

Expert Carpet Restoration

Often, water- or fire-damaged carpeting can be salvaged and restored. As fully certified restoration professionals, we’re equipped with the technical know-how and deep experience it takes to restore damaged carpets.

Positive Customer Reviews

Our teams work hard to provide outstanding carpet cleaning services to area homes and businesses. We’re proud of our positive customer feedback and reviews as the best carpet cleaners in Gold Coast, Chicago.

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carpet cleaning serviceThe Benefits of Professional Gold Coast, Chicago, IL Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is an important routine that keeps interiors fresh and inviting. It’s also a service that comes with a surprising number of benefits for Gold Coast property owners, including:

1. Regular Care Made Easier

Certified carpet cleaning takes the hard work out of regular DIY carpet care. You don’t have to worry about deep-seated dirt and contaminants. Spills, stains and even pet accidents clean up easier.

2. Reduced Risk of Mold

Professional carpet cleaning doesn’t leave behind residual moisture that causes fungal growth. In fact, steam cleaning sanitizes fibers and eliminates the organic debris that feeds mold and mildew.

3. Extended Carpet Life

Expert carpet care reduces fiber damage caused by accumulated dirt and microscopic debris. This extends carpet life, preserves manufacturers’ warranties and saves on replacement costs.

4. Refreshed Indoor Air

Carpet fibers trap all types of irritants, including allergens, dander, dust mites and mold spores. Steam cleaning eliminates these pollutants and leaves behind the healthy fragrance of refreshed indoor air.

5. Renewed Carpet Beauty

Over time, accumulated dirt dulls carpet luster. High-traffic areas become unsightly. Professional cleaning corrects these problems, restoring the beauty of carpets in residential and commercial properties.

Our Best Pro Tips for DIY Carpet Care

When our technicians clean carpets for Chicago’s Gold Coast home and business owners, we’re often asked for tips on carpet care. It’s our pleasure to share our best with you.

  • When vacuuming, always make several passes over high-traffic areas.
  • Quickly pick up crumbs and small debris with a lint roller.
  • Always blot up spills right away, and clean with a little vinegar and water.
  • Make sure vacuum height is set correctly according to carpet type.
  • Change out bagless vacuum filters at least every three months.
  • Keep dirt from tracking inside with textured mats outside doorways.
  • Extend carpet life with professional steam cleaning at least once a year.

How much does it cost to have carpets cleaned in Gold Coast?

The average cost of professional carpet cleaning in Gold Coast is $25 to $75 per room. Additional services, such as stain or odor removal, can affect the final cost.

Does it save money to have carpets professionally cleaned?

Yes. Professional carpet cleaning reduces damage to fibers and backing caused by everyday wear. That extends carpet life, and it meets the requirements of carpet manufacturers’ warranties.

Which is better for carpets, steam cleaning or shampooing?

We recommend steam cleaning performed by our certified carpet specialists. It penetrates deeper into fibers than shampooing and removes carpet stains, odors and unhealthy bacteria.