Fire Restoration Process: The 6 Essential Steps

fire restoration vans in front of chicago building

As fire fighters extinguish the last of the flames, you begin grappling with the aftermath. You’re facing charred walls, smoke-damaged furnishings and soaked belongings. You know you now need help from a professional restoration company, but wonder:

“What are the steps involved in the fire damage restoration process?”

We’ve developed our effective fire damage restoration process over many years of experience helping home and business owners across the city. Our fire damage restoration services are all based on the following steps:

6 Steps to Complete Recovery

1. An Emergency Response 24/7servicemaster va

With headquarters in both Chicago and Skokie, our teams respond to emergencies 24/7.

Our fully stocked fleet vans arrive on the scene within 90 minutes of your call, and we get to work immediately fine-tuning our fire damage restoration process to your property.

2. Detailed Fire Damage Assessment

We perform a thorough inspection of all damage to determine the structural integrity of your home or business and the condition of your belongings. Our technicians identify the source of the fire, classify its type and report our detailed assessment and estimated repair costs to you and your insurance agent.

3. Immediate Property Security

Often, fire damage makes it impossible to close windows and doors, and it compromises the strength and stability of walls and roofs. Our fire restoration process addresses these problems with secure board-up services that ensure the physical safety of your property.

4. Water Damage Remediationwater extraction step

Water left over from extinguishing a fire permeates infrastructure and saturates furniture and belongings.

Our technicians use industry-proven equipment to take care of water extraction, and then we finish up with state-of-the-art drying and dehumidifying techniques.

5. Smoke and Soot Removal

Our teams tackle smoke and soot cleanup from every affected surface in your property as well as all furnishings and personal belongings. We carefully clean and thoroughly sanitize everything with specialized smoke and soot mitigation products and techniques.

6. Complete Property Restorationrestored living room in chicago house

From minor plumbing repairs to wall reconstruction, we finish your fire damage recovery process by restoring your property to its original condition.

Our teams replace flooring, deep clean tile, repair baseboards and repaint ceilings.

We handle all aspects of the project with industry-established fire damage restoration procedures and standards, and we restore your property with the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Our Commitment to You

You can depend on our dedicated teams to take the very best care of your property and belongings. You can trust us to take care of you too. We work our schedule around your timetable as we efficiently complete each step of the process.

Our commitment to your satisfaction includes transparent communication throughout the entire restoration project, and we’re always happy to provide references.

Our Full Line of Fire Damage Restoration Services

We’re Focused on Your Recovery

fire damage recovery crew

We know that you’re overwhelmed with the devastation. We understand that you want everything back to normal as soon as possible. Our six fire damage restoration steps quickly put you on the road to recovery, and the process starts with your first call.

Our teams focus on quickly recovering your property and belongings, and we also work hard to restore your peace of mind.

When you need help dealing with the worst, you can count on ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba. We’re here 24/7 with certified fire restoration services for all of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

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