Fire Damage Cleanup & Your Belongings

fire damage cleanup

It’s so hard to deal with the property damage that results from a fire. Soot and smoke settle into everything from clothes and bedding to books and furnishings. You realize that all your personal belongings need fire damage cleanup, and you feel overwhelmed.

When it all seems beyond recovery, what can you do?

We understand your sense of loss. Our teams help residents and business owners across the city deal with this kind of trauma every day. We offer a complete line of expert fire damage restoration services that focus on restoring your personal belongings and your peace of mind.

Our Fire Damage Cleanup Approach

Assess the Damage

As our crews inspect and determine the condition of your property’s structure, we also assess its contents. We examine all your belongings and explain exactly what our fire damage repair services can recover. Our technicians take care of these items and more:

  • Bedding, drapes and rugs
  • Clothing and personal effects
  • All types of furnishings
  • Important papers and photographs
  • Personal electronics and equipment
  • Large and small appliances

Recover Your Personal Belonging

We work with a full array of advanced fire restoration equipment and techniques to recover your personal belongings. These are just a few of the methods that our certified technicians use to address water, smoke and soot damage:

  • Fabric dry cleaning
  • Upholstery foam cleaning
  • Vacuum freeze/thermal drying for photos
  • Soot and smoke cleanup & scrubbing for large items
  • Delicate hand cleaning for fragile belongings
  • Immersive baths for specialty items

Inform You Every Step of the Way

fire cleanup specialist with customersAs you deal with the fire damage restoration process, we do all that we can to make it easier for you.

Area insurance companies trust us as Quality Restoration Vendors, and we know how to help you navigate claims procedures.

Our staff makes sure that you understand all paperwork and fire damage costs in detail. If you rent your home, we advise you on insurance options that can protect your property and personal belongings in the future.

Our Full Line of Fire Damage Restoration Services

Restoring Your Peace of Mind

fire cleanup crew in chicagoWhen we help you deal with the aftermath of a property fire, you know that you’re in the best possible hands.

Our dedicated, caring teams use every tool and technique available to recover your personal belongings, and we also work hard to restore your sense of well-being.

You have our professional commitment to take care of you with the highest levels of personal customer service. You can always depend on us for expert fire damage restoration in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba stands ready for your call 24/7.

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