Fire Damage Restoration Equipment

fire restoration equipment

When fire strikes your home or business, the after-effects seem devastating. Smoke stains cover the walls. Soot coats every surface. Soaked flooring, furnishings and personal belongings add to the mess. You feel overwhelmed, knowing that you need fire restoration services.

We understand, and we’re here to help.

Every day, our IICRC-certified teams tackle all types of fire cleanup projects. It’s hard physical work, and the process requires countless hours of manual labor. We’re committed to always serving you with our best while keeping costs low, so we stay in front of our industry’s latest tools, techniques and technology.

It Takes Muscle and Equipment

It’s our job to clean up personal items and property as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our technicians bring years of experience and professional determination to every job. We back it all up with plenty of muscle and state-of-the-art fire damage restoration equipment. These are just a few of the tools of our specialized trade:


Infrared cameras

  • Infrared Cameras

    These sensitive cameras detect moisture hidden in walls, floors and ceilings. We record and plot their imaging to map out areas that need both fire and water damage remediation.

  • HEPA Vacuums

    This workhorse line of fire damage cleaning equipment allows us to quickly clean up microscopic debris so that it doesn’t further compromise indoor air quality.

    air movers

    Air movers

  • Air Movers

    Cleaning up fire damage usually includes drying out soaked infrastructure. Our heavy-duty air movers speed up the fire restoration process by circulating high-volume airflow.

  • Axial Fans

    Damp subfloors and ceilings quickly dry with the powerful, indirect airflow generated by these fans. Their aerodynamic design, variable speeds and light weight make them restoration essentials.

    hydroxyl machine

    Hydroxyl machine

  • Hydroxyl Cleaners 

    This naturally-occurring compound also destroys airborne odors. It’s effective as both a stand-alone smoke damage restoration product and an additive to air-scrubbing equipment.

  • Ozone Generators

    We use this industry-approved equipment to eliminate the smells that permeate a fire-damaged property. Our ozone generators clear the air by destroying spores, bacteria and odor-causing molecules.

  • Soot Sponges

    You can thank these fire restoration products for recovering all kinds of items. We use them on everything from fabrics and electronics to baseboards and ceiling fans.

  • Industry-Specific Cleaning Supplies

    Our arsenal includes fire cleaning chemicals, green products, liquid encapsulates, degreasers, deodorizers, disinfectants and a long list of items that you won’t find under the kitchen sink.

Serving You With Our Best

Residents, property managers and business owners across the region depend on our fire damage restoration services every day.

We’re proud to be an active member of the communities that make up this great metropolitan area. You have our commitment to always serve you with our best.

That pledge includes maintaining our industry leadership position by arming our hard-working teams with the very latest fire damage restoration equipment.

Our Full Line of Fire Damage Restoration Services

You can count on ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba for the following services in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs:

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