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When was the last time the elevators in your building were deep cleaned? We can help!

From the Willis Tower Skydeck to the 11th floor of the Rookery Building, Chicago’s beautiful skyline is legendary. Sparkling clean elevators keep it all accessible to locals and visitors.elevator cleaning services chicago

Your property’s elevators are essential to transporting customers, employees and visitors through the building every day.

You want to be sure these high-traffic spaces stay safe and welcoming. ServiceMaster by Zaba offers premier elevator cleaning services for all types of commercial and residential buildings across Chicago and the suburbs.

These are a few examples of the multi-story properties that benefit from our services.

  • Government buildings and facilities
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Schools, universities and colleges
  • Hotels, motels and hospitality facilities
  • Retail complexes and malls
  • Entertainment and sports facilities
  • Warehouse and industrial facilities
  • Condos, townhomes and apartments
  • Hospitals, healthcare facilities and nursing homes
  • Churches and religious facilities

We’re just around the corner with locations in Chicago, Northshore and Lake County.

You can trust ServiceMaster by Zaba to keep your building’s elevators hygienically clean and rider-friendly.

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Our 7-Step Process for Chicago Elevator Cleaning

1. Elevator Cleaning Consultation

We start our process by discussing the specifics of your property’s elevator system.

This allows us to customize a plan that fits your needs and your schedule. We also inspect elevator details, such as paneling and flooring types.

2. Deep Interior Cleaning

elevator deep cleaning chicago

Our teams deep clean all interior elevator surfaces, including wall padding in service elevators. We use safe, multi-surface cleaning agents that eliminate accumulated dirt and grime without leaving behind residual odors.

3. Expert Floor Care

Elevator floors are cleaned according to material. Our expertise covers all floor types, including carpeting, tile, hardwood and metal.

We also deep clean interior and exterior elevator floor mats, as well as drainage mats in freight elevators.

4. Elevator Door Polishing

This step restores the original luster to all types of elevator doors.

We remove fingerprints, smudges and accumulated grime with highly effective, non-abrasive cleaners. Our elevator door polishing renews the looks of stainless steel, decorative fused metal, patterned bonded metal doors and more.

5. Interior and Exterior Detailing

elevator all surface sanitizing

Initial deep cleaning is followed by detailing that puts a perfect finish on surfaces and elevator components.

Our technicians clean threshold tracks, metal trim, and interior floor selection panels. Exterior detailing includes cleaning and polishing call buttons, hall lanterns, floor designator and adjacent wall lights and fixtures.

6. All-Surface Sanitizing

We finish by applying sanitizing agents to all surfaces, especially high-touch areas.

Our advanced sanitizing process eliminates organic contaminants and dangerous pathogens that can pose serious health threats to elevator passengers.

7. Final Inspection and Approval

When we’re done cleaning the elevators in your building, we invite you to perform a final inspection of our work. Our goal is your complete satisfaction and the opportunity to serve you again.

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Why Choose ServiceMaster by Zaba for Elevator Cleaning in Chicago?

We Have Years of Experience

Our teams bring more than 90 years of combined commercial cleaning experience to the job. We’ve cleaned elevators in every type of government, commercial and residential building in Chicago. You can trust our expertise.

Our Technicians Are Industry-Certified

Our technicians are IICRC-certified in all aspects of specialty commercial cleaning. We work with the latest equipment and safe, industry-proven products that ensure elevator cleanliness.

You Set Our Schedule

Whether your property is open during regular business hours or operates around the clock, we schedule our work according to your timetable. We’re also on call 24/7 with emergency fire and water damage cleanup services.

Our Specialized Elevator Cleaning Services for Chicago

specialized elevator cleaning services chicagoEmergency Elevator Disinfecting and Deodorizing

Exposure to contagions or chemical contaminants can severely impact the closed environment of an elevator. Our teams are ready to respond 24/7 with highly effective deep cleaning that restores the safety and air quality of elevator interiors.

Cleanup for Water- and Fire-Damaged Elevators

Whether it’s the result of a property-wide event or confined to the elevator, water or fire damage requires specialized cleaning. We have the equipment and commercial property restoration expertise it takes to restore elevators to their pre-loss condition.

Graffiti Removal From Elevator Interiors and Exteriors

When this type of vandalism defaces the elevators in your building, you need it taken care of right away. Our technicians quickly and safely remove graffiti from surfaces inside and outside the elevator car.

Accident and Biohazard Cleanup for Elevators

It doesn’t happen often, but when an accident or sudden death occurs in an elevator, the unit becomes unusable. Our highly trained teams immediately address the situation with specialized biohazard cleanup, following all OSHA and CDC regulations.


Helpful Resources for Elevator Safety in Chicago

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What is the average cost of elevator cleaning in Chicago?

The cost of elevator cleaning in Chicago depends on several factors, including the number of cars that need cleaning, their overall condition and any necessary specialty services. We’re happy to give you an accurate estimate.

How often should elevators be professionally cleaned?

Most elevators should be deep cleaned by a professional service at least once a month. Elevators in buildings that experience constant high-volume traffic need deep cleaning more often. Our staff can customize a cleaning schedule that works for your property.

Is professional elevator cleaning the same as janitorial cleaning?

No. Our professional elevator cleaning services are focused on deep cleaning car interiors and exteriors. We also handle emergency cleanup for elevators affected by fire or water damage, biohazards, vandalism and much more.