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An unexpected family death is always traumatic, even more so when it occurs at home. An accidental death at your workplace affects employees and disrupts business.

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Regardless of the situation, you need compassionate, discrete help dealing with the aftermath. We’re here for you.

Our certified death cleaning services are available 24/7 for Chicago families and the business community. We work with all city divisions, including the Chicago Police Department, as well as public and private organizations.

Whether you’re facing the unattended death of a parent at home or a crime scene at your commercial property, ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba stands ready for your call.

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We Offer Chicago Death Cleanup Services for All Situations

trauma cleaning chicagoOur industry-certified technicians are highly experienced in all types of death cleanup situations, including:

  • Unattended Deaths – Aftermath of unattended residential deaths, such as an elderly mother or father living alone
  • Crime Scene Deaths – Deaths resulting from homicides in any setting, even those involving multiple dead bodies
  • Accidental Deaths – Issues arising from all types of accidents, including traffic mishaps and workplace accidents
  • Deaths From Suicide – Undiscovered deaths that occur in homes, businesses and commercial properties such as hotels and motels in Chicago.
  • Overdose Deaths – Cleanup at scenes that involve deaths caused by either legal or illegal drugs
  • Trauma Cleanup – Wide-spread debris and decay cleanup, including the aftermath of extreme violence
  • Industrial Accidents – Site-wide death cleanup and decontamination for all types of large commercial facilities
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Our Death Cleanup Services for Chicago, IL & Suburbs

The biohazards associated with a dead body can threaten your health and your property’s safety. Once a death is reported and the deceased is removed, immediate cleanup is critical.

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Our highly experienced technicians address health and safety issues with these specialized death cleanup services.

  • Fully compliant biohazard cleanup and disposal
  • Blood cleanup from surfaces and contents
  • Body and remains decomposition cleanup
  • Certified sanitizing and disinfecting services
  • Residential and commercial deep cleaning
  • Salvageable furnishings and contents disinfecting
  • Property-wide hoarder after-death cleanup
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Our Death Cleanup Process for Chicago Homes & Commercial Properties

No one is fully prepared to deal with interior contamination resulting from a death on the premises. We understand. Knowing what to expect from our cleanup process can make the experience a little easier.

1. Immediate Response

Our teams respond to your call immediately. We’re on the scene within hours, inspecting all contaminated areas. You can expect a summary of our findings and our action plan.

2. Debris Cleanup

Next, we begin cleaning out debris contaminated by blood and organic matter, as well as contents that may have been impacted by the death. This can include wall coverings, furnishings, carpets, drapes and personal belongings.

3. Initial Disinfecting

Using CDC-approved products, we disinfect all interior surfaces. This greatly reduces the presence of microorganisms and establishes a safety zone for continued work. It protects the health of everyone involved in the cleanup process.

4. Complete Decontamination

This critical step eliminates dangerous bloodborne pathogens, including Hepatitis B and C, coronavirus, HIV and MRSA. Our meticulous procedures ensure complete decontamination of all affected surfaces and interiors.

5. Powerful Deodorizing

A dead body begins to decompose within 24 hours, releasing odors that spread through interiors and permeate non-porous materials. Our powerful air scrubbers, thermal foggers and ozone generators deodorize the entire property, restoring healthy indoor air quality.

6. Cleanup and Disposal

We finish with a post-decontamination cleanup and final disposal of all biohazardous materials. This is done in full compliance with federal and state laws and in strict adherence to environmental regulations.

7. Insurance Claims Assistance

Most homeowners are unaware of insurance coverage for death cleanup services.

Policies typically cover the cost, as well as repairs to and replacement of structural elements impacted by the work. Our staff guides you through the details of filing your claim.

Why Choose ServiceMaster by Zaba for Death Cleanup?

We Respond 24/7

When you’re faced with cleanup after a death, you want someone on the scene as soon as possible. We’re ready to dispatch our teams 24/7 with an arrival time of 90 minutes or less.

We’re Restoration Professionals

Our death cleaning services are part of our overall restoration capabilities. We can also help with damages from fire, water or vandalism, as well as hoarder cleanup and coronavirus decontamination.

You Have Our Respect

The death of a loved one can be unbearably painful. We respect your loss and do all we can to help you navigate this difficult time. You can trust us for the compassion you need and the discretion you expect.

We’re Here for You and at Your Service 24/7

It’s not often that someone needs death cleanup services in Chicago. However, when you find yourself in this tragic situation, please know that we’re ready to help.

We’re here for you 24/7. Your call puts our process in motion. Let us put your mind at ease.

Why can’t I clean up after a dead body on my own?

The death cleanup process involves dealing with dangerous pathogens and materials that must be disposed of properly. The work requires intensive training as well as highly specialized PPE.

Who is responsible for cleaning out an apartment after a death?

The individual responsible for arranging death cleanup in an apartment is the person whose name is on the lease. If the individual is deceased, responsibility passes to his or her estate.

Does homeowners insurance cover death cleanup?

In most cases, yes. Homeowners insurance typically covers the cost of death cleanup services. It should also cover repairs and replacements made necessary by the death event. Check with your agent for your policy’s details.