Commercial Mat Cleaning Services Chicago IL


Do the dirty floor mats at your Chicago business need professional cleaning? We can help.

Property owners and managers all across Chicagoland have relied on our services for years. Our commercial floor mat cleaning for Chicago and suburbs keeps entrances inviting and work spaces safe. We take care of all types of mats in every type of setting.

floor mat cleaning service chicago

  • Office building entrance mats
  • Commercial kitchen floor mats
  • Door mats in hospitality facilities
  • Clinic and health care facility floor mats
  • Mats in daycares, schools, colleges, universities and other education facilities
  • Anti-fatigue mats in public and private workplaces
  • Wet-area mats in manufacturing sites
  • Heavy drain mats throughout industrial sites
  • Recessed well mats, anti-static mats and much more

You can rely on ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba to keep your commercial floor mats in top condition.

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Why Partner with ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba?

  • 85 years of combined commercial cleaning experience
  • Licensed, bonded, insured, IICRC certified
  • Locally owned, backed by a national brand
  • Flexible cleaning tailored around your schedule
  • We answer your call the first time
  • Top rated in Chicagoland

Why Do You Need Our Professional Floor Mat Cleaning?

We Protect Your Flooring Investment

Dirt and contaminants adhere to the rubber undersides of floor mats. Our professional cleaning eliminates the abrasive buildup that damages valuable floors and carpeting.

We Minimize Slipping Hazards

Your building’s entrance mats need to provide safe footing through Chicago’s worst weather. We use special cleaning techniques that keep all types of mats in top shape, and that keeps them from becoming dangerous slipping hazards.

You Enjoy Better Indoor Air Quality

Dirty floor mats retain bacteria and moisture and become breeding grounds for mold, mildew and dust mites. Our mat cleaning process prevents the growth and spread of microorganisms that compromise your property’s indoor air quality.

Our Commercial Floor Mat Cleaning Process

We start with an assessment of different mat types in your building. We recommend a property-wide mat cleaning schedule based on general foot traffic as well as heavy wear and tear in work areas. Our commercial floor mat cleaning process follows these steps.

  • First, we use a badger machine to loosen embedded dirt and grime from mat surfaces and undersides.
  • We carefully go over mat surfaces with vacuum equipment that removes all debris.
  • Our technicians power wash mat surfaces with vinyl-safe or rubber-safe floor mat cleaner solutions.
  • As mats are thoroughly dried, we make sure the original area is swept, vacuumed or mopped clean.
  • After confirming that mats are completely dry, we return them to their location and secure them in place.

Do you offer special treatments for commercial floor mats?

Yes. We offer Scotchgard treatments specifically designed for floor mats. This protection helps prevent stains from becoming permanent.

Do you take care of commercial carpet cleaning too?

Yes. We’re a full-service cleaning and restoration company. Our industry-certified technicians handle complete commercial floor care including carpets, hardwood floors and all hard surface cleaning (tile, marble, vinyl, etc).

How much does professional mat cleaning cost?

It depends on the type and number of mats in your building and the frequency of scheduled service. Our teams are always happy to discuss the details and give you an estimate. We look forward to your call at 773-647-1985.