Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Chicago

As part of our commercial cleaning services, ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba provides commercial carpet cleaning services for businesses throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Commercial carpet cleaning retailWhen customers walk through your front doors, they’re greeted by welcoming interiors that reflect the professional pride you put into your business every day.

Fresh, clean carpets make a great first impression, so it’s important that they always look their very best. From entries and lobbies to hallways and offices, every step customers and employees take should always be across carpets that show how much you care about your company.

Whether you’re running a busy office, retail store or restaurant, constant foot traffic grinds dirt into carpets and wears down nap. Spills turn into stains, and odors accumulate in fibers and padding. Even with regular vacuuming, carpets in commercial settings become dingy and lose their freshness. Customers expect sparkling interiors, but dirty, stained carpets make them think twice about return visits.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba offers a complete line of commercial carpet cleaning care that ensures your business always makes a great first impression (green cleaning available by request). Besides our carpet cleaning service, we offer our clients a broad selection of commercial cleaning services.

Our Full-Service Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Chicago includes: 

Residential Rug and Carpet Cleaning
Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Residential Rug and Carpet Cleaning

If you own or manage residential property, you understand the value of beautiful, clean interiors. Fresh, spotless carpets keep residents happy and play an important role in attracting new tenants.

Our commercial carpet cleaning covers homes, high-rises and condos with affordable services that help protect your valuable flooring investment. Along with our scheduled residential carpet maintenance and care, we offer move-out and emergency services.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning office The challenges of cleaning carpets in commercial settings ranges from addressing expansive areas to tackling stairways, and our experienced teams cover it all.

Our professional services extend fiber and padding life, preserve the good looks of your carpets and meet all manufacturers’ warranty requirements.

Customers and employees appreciate the beauty, freshness and softness of clean carpets, and our services also help ensure a healthy, germ- and mold-free atmosphere throughout your business.

Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

Our teams start your project with a complete inspection, and we outline the scope of our work so that you know what to expect. We tackle ground-in dirt, tough stains and high-traffic areas with state-of-the art equipment and products specially designed for cleaning commercial carpeting. At your request, our treatments include stain-resistant applications that protect carpets and extend their life.

From regular carpet cleaning care to emergency services, we always schedule our work around your business timetable.

When you want the finest possible care for carpets at your business, call ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba for the commercial carpet cleaning Chicago property owners know that they can depend on.

Before and After Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

We want every experience with our carpet cleaning at your Chicago commercial property to completely satisfy your expectations. The following tips are designed to make sure that the process goes smoothly from start to finish. If you have any questions or need more information, our teams are always happy to help.

Pre-Cleaning Tips

• Relocate any breakable items on furniture in the rooms where we’ll be cleaning.Commercial carpet cleaning expert
• Move small items on the floor including planters, rugs and trash cans to another area.
• Vacuum carpets that are scheduled for cleaning and treatment.

Post-Cleaning Tips

• Wait eight hours before walking on freshly cleaned areas.
• If your carpets have been stain-protected, don’t walk on them for 24 hours.
• Let stain-protection cure and carpets dry before repositioning furniture.
• After water extraction processes, wait two days before moving furniture back onto carpets.
• You can speed up carpet drying time by using air movers.


We’re proud of our reputation as the leading commercial carpet cleaning service in Chicago. You have our professional commitment to always treat the carpets at your residential or business property with the highest levels of care.

Contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba online to schedule an appointment, or call our helpful teams today at 773-647-1985.

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