Air Duct Cleaning in Chicago

As part of our commercial cleaning services, ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba provides air duct cleaning services for businesses and commercial buildings throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Air ducts in officeThe network that circulates air through your commercial property is an extensive system of ducts that form trunks and branches.

As part of the HVAC system, ductwork maintains even temperatures year round and ensures fresh, healthy air quality. The HVAC supply and return system depends on ducts that stay in good condition, and their performance helps maintain an environment that keeps everyone in the building comfortable.

Regular air duct cleaning is an important part of system maintenance in commercial properties. Without professional care, ducts accumulate dust, mold and allergens that compromise indoor air quality.

Customers and employees notice a constant musty smell, and contaminated air can become a serious health issue. ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba provides expert duct cleaning that Chicago business owners trust and depend on.

Besides our air duct cleaning service, we offer our clients a broad selection of commercial cleaning services:

Our Professional Duct Cleaning for Chicago Property Owners Includes

Residential Property Air Duct Cleaning
Business and Commercial Building Air Duct Cleaning

Residential Property Air Duct Cleaning

High-rise apartment buildings, condos and homes maintain their market value by offering residents inviting living spaces. If you own or manage this type of commercial property, you understand the importance of fresh interiors that ensure a healthy atmosphere.

We tailor our duct cleaning to Chicago residential properties regardless of size or age with services that make sure your building appeals to current and future tenants.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Clean ductwork helps your building’s HVAC system operate at peak efficiency, and that holds down operating costs. Without professional cleaning, duct material begins to deteriorate due to accumulated dirt and mold. The buildup puts a strain on expensive equipment, and it pollutes interior air with allergens and unpleasant odors.

Our certified teams excel in the type of duct cleaning every Chicago business needs to control heating and cooling costs, prolong equipment life and keep commercial buildings fresh.

Our Duct Cleaning Process

Impact air duct cleaningServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba brings decades of experience to cleaning ductwork in commercial settings.

We connect powerful vacuum systems to air ducts at strategic points and use special products to begin clearing the system of debris and microscopic pollutants. Once we dislodge and remove all contaminants, fresh air is circulated through the system as ductwork is restored to a clean, healthy condition.

Our certified process ensures the high levels of duct cleaning that Chicago commercial properties need to maintain important indoor air quality.

Before We Start Our Air Duct Cleaning Services

• The work can be noisy, so we suggest scheduling our duct cleaning services after regular business hours.
• We ask that you clear areas around air vents so that we have room to set up and operate equipment.
• Please let building personnel know which rooms to leave unlocked for our teams.

After We’re Done

• Inform building personnel when our work is completed so that they can secure unlocked areas.
• If sprinklers or alarms were turned off to accommodate our services, make sure that they are all activated.

We understand the value that you put on keeping your business environment comfortable, fresh and healthy. You can depend on our certified air duct cleaning in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, and you have our professional commitment to ensure your complete satisfaction with all of our services.

 To schedule an appointment for our expert air duct cleaning, contact us online, or call ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba today at 773-647-1985.

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