Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service? [27 Incredible Benefits]

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: October 31, 2023

As a business owner or building manager, you’re responsible for making sure that your property always looks its best. You also have to consider different strategies that can hold down operating costs.

Are you tempted to save money by assigning cleanup chores to in-house personnel?

Delegating the work to employees doesn’t crunch smart budget numbers. What looks good on paper doesn’t add up in practice. Instead, give operating costs a real break by investing in business cleaning services that improve your bottom line and grow your business.

Take a look at these money-saving benefits of professional cleaning.

Why Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service Makes Sense

1. Your Property Always Shines

window shining

When customers walk into your building, they notice its condition right away.

Clean offices, fresh carpets, clean walls, and sparkling bathrooms always make the right impression, and that encourages invaluable repeat business. When potential tenants preview space, spotless interiors help seal the deal.

A commercial cleaning service makes sure that your property looks its best every day, and is one of the reasons to hire one.

2. Interiors Stay Healthy

One bad sneeze followed by a hand on a door knob spreads germs. That touch turns into an invisible trail down hallways to light switches, bathrooms and breakrooms.

Regular visits from professional cleaning crews help prevent this unhealthy scenario. Surfaces are sanitized, fixtures are scrubbed, and germs are eliminated.

Your investment in cleaning services pays off with healthier interiors and fewer employee sick days.

3. You Avoid Dangerous Work

commercial cleaning expert ceiling

Do you and your employees really have time to take care of the dirty jobs? And do you feel your staff is adequately trained to clean hard-to-reach areas? Our experts are specialists when it comes to detailing and cleaning areas that others may skip. We put our talent to work at many commercial properties in and around Chicago.

We climb extension ladders to clean rafters and polish floors with industrial equipment. By bringing in cleaning professionals, you don’t have to deal with:

• Dusting, sweeping and scrubbing everything from the entry to your back door.
• Carpet steam cleaning and stain removal as well as vinyl and wood floor polishing.
• Regular treatments that keep furnishings and drapes fresh.
• Cleaning dirty HVAC ductwork systems that compromise indoor air quality.
• Bathroom duty including polishing and sanitizing all surfaces, floors and fixtures.

4. Customized Plans Fit Your Property

When it comes to cleaning commercial buildings, one technique doesn’t fit all locations:

Hotel housekeeping staff need backup for heavy-duty jobs, restaurant carpets benefit from stain protection, and health care facilities require specialized services.

An experienced cleaning contractor develops a custom plan based on your operational needs, and that keeps your budget on track with services that fit your property.

5. You Don’t Need Special Equipment

commercial carpet cleaning process

Floor buffers, steam cleaners and industrial vacuums add up to a big investment in equipment, and storing everything takes up expensive commercial floor space.

One of the benefits of hiring a cleaning service is that you’ll have a complete line of industry equipment to your site with every visit, along with certified crews that will get the job done right.

6. Specific Situations Have Affordable Solutions

Residential move-outs always need additional cleaning. A restaurant remodel calls for immediate cleanup as soon as the job is finished. Every commercial property occasionally needs specialized cleaning assistance.

When you partner with a professional cleaning contractor, you have the advantage of being an established client, and that translates into affordable services from a company that you already trust.

7. You Save Valuable Time and Money

If you’re enlisting your employees as a part-time cleaning crew, add up the time they spend dusting, scrubbing and vacuuming. Calculate how much they produce per hour when they perform their regular jobs. Figure the difference, talk rates with an established cleaning service, and compare the numbers.

As you explore your options, you’ll find that rates are surprisingly affordable, and costs are offset by many factors including:

• Your employees’ time on the clock is focused on the job at hand instead of cleaning chores.
• You don’t have to invest in expensive cleaning equipment and specialized products.
• Warranties on carpeting and flooring are protected by routine professional care.
• HVAC equipment operates more efficiently and at a lower cost with regularly cleaned ductwork.

A clean working environment holds down the expense of employee sick days, ensures great customer experiences and leaves you with one less thing to worry about when you turn on the office lights every morning. It all adds up to a reliable business-cleaning strategy that fits your budget.

In short, a cleaning contractor saves you money by saving your employees’ valuable time.

8. Emergencies Are Covered

commercial restoration professionals

What kind of plan do you have in place for dealing with fire or water damage? When you face an emergency, it’s good to have an experienced company help you navigate the aftermath.

The best commercial cleaning contractors also offer emergency recovery services, like water and fire damage restoration. Their quick response can reduce the cost of property loss resulting from water, fire or mold damage, and they can often restore equipment and furnishings to original condition.

If the company enjoys Quality Restoration Vendor status with insurance carriers, you have additional help navigating the claims process.

8. Peace of Mind Is Priceless

When you hire an experienced commercial cleaning company, you know that you’re in professional hands. You come to work every day knowing that your property is clean from floor to ceiling. Customers, clients and tenants appreciate an atmosphere that reflects the pride you take in your business.

Your cleaning contractor handles it all while you enjoy priceless peace of mind that enable you to make the best decisions when these are needed most.

With an established cleaning specialist, you always benefit from premium services and personalized care.

Why Hiring a Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Service Pays Off

office air duct cleaning

Building owners and managers often overlook the potential returns from investing in this kind of service. The advantages of this type of cleaning service add up in both dollars saved and business benefits banked.

9. Consistent, Comfortable Temperatures

Commercial air ducts and vents don’t affect indoor temperatures by themselves, but their performance impacts interior comfort throughout your building. Employees can’t do their best in areas that stay too warm. Customers aren’t inspired to conduct business in chilly draft zones.

Ductwork assessment and commercial vent cleaning keep HVAC networks in top condition. Equipment holds up to temperature and humidity changes, and that helps provide consistent comfort year-round.

10. Better Indoor Air Quality

clean ventilation system

Most commercial properties feature airtight construction that holds down energy costs, but this building design breeds indoor pollution.

HVAC systems generate a humid environment inside ductwork that creates a breeding ground for mold.  Left untreated, the fungal growth reproduces by releasing airborne spores. As contaminants circulate through ducts and vents, they fill every room in your building with unpleasant odors.

Stale, musty smells aren’t good for employee morale, and poor indoor air quality makes a bad impression on your customers. With regular vent and duct cleaning, interiors always greet everyone with fresh air that doesn’t require opening the nearest window.

11. A Healthier Indoor Environment

clean office air

Mold, mildew and pest contaminants are obvious, but your property’s ductwork also houses a wide range of invisible pollutants. Microbial contamination can range from insect- and rodent-generated bacteria to health-threatening pathogens and allergens.

Professional vent and duct cleaning addresses potential health hazards with industry-approved tools, products and techniques. Certified technicians use special equipment to clear and treat ductwork so that you’re assured of a healthier indoor environment throughout the building.

12. Less Organic Contamination

Your HVAC’s ductwork serves as a highway system for insects and rodents scurrying behind walls and above ceilings. Our technicians often encounter multiple layers of debris inside ducts and vents. The organic contamination includes residue from mites, cockroaches, spiders and nematodes.

Exterminators control pest problems, but they can’t address the result of pest invasions inside vents and ducts. It takes professional cleaning by highly trained specialists to safely remove and dispose of organic contamination.

13. A Cleaner Workplace

clean workspace

Anytime you make a job easier instead of harder, you’re getting ahead in business. Apply that attitude to keeping the workplace clean, and then think about how dirty ductwork comes into play. If you notice that a good dusting doesn’t last, the culprits are probably right overhead.

Dirty vents and ducts distribute airborne particulates that settle on sales counters, office desks and computer equipment. Clean ductwork moves fresh air through your building without contributing to housekeeping duties. That saves time and money whether you clean with an all-employee crew or use a professional service.

14. Longer HVAC Life Expectancy

Picture heating and cooling components generating and moving countless cubic feet of air 24/7. Imagine how difficult it is to push that kind of load through a network compromised by material failures. Dirty ductwork is prone to the kind of wear that puts a strain on HVAC equipment.

Without proper maintenance, duct material degrades quickly. Tears and holes lead to leaks, and that makes the entire system work harder. Keeping ducts and vents clean extends your HVAC equipment’s mechanical life.

15. Improved System Performance

save energy

Clean vents and ducts allow motors, blowers and exchangers do their jobs efficiently. Your entire HVAC system runs more smoothly minimizing equipment wear-and-tear. Everything operates at peak efficiency, and that helps hold down heating and cooling costs.

Commercial duct cleaning doesn’t solve all mechanical issues, but it does improve overall system performance. Fewer problems mean fewer breakdowns, repairs and expensive replacements. An investment in duct and vent cleaning reduces both energy consumption and HVAC maintenance costs.

Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning Improves Your Company’s Bottom Line

When you consider the reasons to hire a cleaning service, do you think about carpet cleaning? Whether you own or manage a property, this service impacts everything from customer satisfaction to employee performance.

If you have carpets throughout your building, you know exactly what a difference keeping it cleaned and well-maintained can make. Designed to keep your carpets in great shape, office carpet cleaning is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your carpet and prevent it from looking dirty, dingy, or older than it is.

Whether you’re worried about allergens and air pollutants, or you just like the look and feel of a freshly cleaned carpet, below are compelling reasons to call your local carpet cleaning professional. 

Here’s everything you need to know about why having your office carpets professionally cleaned is such a good investment.

16. Priceless Customer Experiences

first impression office

Imagine a customer walks into your office. They’re excited to meet with you and your team, but the first thing they see is a dingy, stained carpet.

Doesn’t make a great impression, does it? After all, if you don’t care about presenting a clean carpet, what else is your business letting slide?

The concept of dressing for success extends to interiors and carpeting that make a great first impression. Fresh, clean carpets welcome customers from entrances to offices, and that positive experience translates into repeat business.

When you hire a professional carpet cleaning service, it makes visiting your office more approachable and welcoming.

17. Better Air Quality

Just as with air duct cleaning, having your office’s carpets professionally cleaned keeps your office’s air healthy and allergen-free.

Sneezing, coughing and itchy eyes make a work day seem longer, but deep carpet cleaning eliminates the allergens that contaminate air quality in your workplace. Employees breathe easier and get more done, and customers appreciate the fresh environment too.

Over time, dust, dirt, and debris find their way into the fibers of your carpet. As you walk on, vacuum, or move furniture across your carpets, this debris breaks loose and get into the air, where they can cause respiratory issues, allergies, and bad smells.

Even if you do your own carpet cleaning, you probably won’t be able to get into the nooks and crannies of the fibers. The reason is simple: rented carpet cleaners just aren’t that efficient.

When you hire a professional carpet team, though, you’ll get the best carpet cleaning tools and methods available. By digging deep into your carpet fibers, professional machines remove debris for healthier, cleaner air.

18. Important Employee Morale

employees in workplace

When you keep your business looking its best with regular commercial cleaning services and carpet maintenance, it sends a positive message to employees. They know that you care about their working environment, and that helps keep morale high and productivity up.

19. Pride in the Workplace

Businesses operate more efficiently when everyone is proud to be a contributing member of the team. Your clean workplace and fresh carpets create an atmosphere that fosters the confidence it takes to pitch in and get the hard jobs done.

20. Reduced Sick Days

When employees call in sick, others have to cover their workload, and that adds up to overtime. Professional commercial cleaning includes services that disinfect and sanitize carpets reducing health risks to both employees and customers.

21. Lower Maintenance Costs

steam cleaning office carpet

One of the benefits of regular commercial carpet cleaning pays off in less work for your in-house janitorial staff. Stain-resistant carpet treatments minimize spill cleanup jobs, and it takes less time and effort to vacuum well-kept carpets.

When you remove deep stains from your carpet with regular cleaning, it’s easier to remove surface stains with routine vacuuming. This, in turn, prevents buildup and helps you stretch out the life of your carpets.

22. Better HVAC System Performance

One of the benefits of professional cleaning services is that they improve indoor air quality by keeping carpets from adding to the dust and debris that enter your building’s HVAC system. This eases the load on filters and ductwork, so HVAC equipment operates at maximum efficiency, and that reduces energy consumption.

23. Extended Carpet Life

Carpet represents a substantial investment, so it must be maintained like any valuable business asset.

A professional cleaning services prolongs both the good looks and material integrity of carpets and helps avoid costly replacement.

You expect steam-cleaned carpets to feel soft underfoot. You know that professionally cleaned sofas and chairs look and smell better. Those specialized services add years of extra life to carpets and upholstery by eliminating contaminants that break down fibers.

24. Warranty Coverage Assurance

carpet cleaning warranty

Quality carpets are backed by manufacturer warranties that include specific instructions on the type of care required to keep a warranty in force. If you installed carpet in your office building, its warranty likely requires that it be cleaned every 12-18 months. If you don’t do this, you might be voiding the warranty!

Commercial carpet cleaning ensures that you meet these requirements and preserve important warranty coverage and keep your carpets looking and feeling beautiful.

25. Insurance Claims Savings

Because carpet replacement is so expensive, many insurance companies require scheduled carpet cleaning. In the case of water or fire damage to carpets in your building, proof of this professional maintenance can reduce your out-of-pocket claims costs.

26. Commercial Carpet Cleaning Pays for Itself

While most people believe that professional carpet cleaning is costly, it’s not. In fact, carpet cleaning is much more affordable than you might think, and investing in it can have a direct, positive effect on your business.

In addition to keeping your workspace clean, professional carpet cleaning can help you land new business. Plus, professional carpet cleaners have the insider tricks needed to remove tough stains and leave your carpets looking fresh.

The Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services Are Endless

When an investment saves time and money, it belongs in your budget. When it contributes to healthy interiors, it keeps tenants, customers and employees happy. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of commercial cleaning services, feel free to ask through our Comments Section. Also, read this guide on how to find the best cleaning company in your area.

Our team is always available to develop custom cleaning strategies for your property. Our commercial cleaning services cover everything from retail and hospitality to business office cleaning in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Call ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba today, and let us help you clean up with real savings.

If we didn’t include a reason why commercial cleaning adds to your bottom-line, please share your insights below. We would love to hear your thoughts.