What to Expect From a House Cleaner: 4 Things You Can Count On

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: March 13, 2019

Between work and home, things never slow down. Even finding a little free time for relaxing seems like a job. Housework doesn’t get done by itself, so you dust and vacuum around a busy professional and personal schedule.

Have you every daydreamed and wondered, “What do house cleaners clean, and how can they make my life easier?”

Our professional house cleaning services are tailored to each homeowner’s needs, but every visit delivers the same premium level of detailed housekeeping. We’ve put together this overview outlining all the jobs you don’t have to worry about when you let someone else do the work.

4 Ways House Cleaners Make Your Life Easier

When customers ask us exactly what to expect from a house cleaner, our answer is simple: a home that sparkles from floors to ceiling fans. If you’re thinking about hiring house cleaning professionals, consider these four ways they make life at home so much easier.

1. Every Room Gets Cleaned

living room upholstery
Professional cleaners will ensure each room is spotless

Add up the hours spent on routine housekeeping every week, and you get an idea of how much free time you can enjoy when you leave these chores to a home cleaning service.

• Vinyl and tile floors swept and mopped
• Carpets and rugs vacuumed and checked for trouble spots
• Door and window frames dusted, fingerprints wiped away
• Trash from each room collected and emptied
• Cobwebs swept clear from corners high and low
• Everything dusted including furniture, shelves and counters

2. Each Space Gets Special Attention

On top of basic housecleaning in every room, each space needs focused attention. Professional house cleaners include these room-specific chores with every regular visit.

Kitchens and Dining Areas

• Counters cleaned, polished and sanitized
• Grease and splatters cleaned from outside of oven, range and hood
• Stove-top drip pans washed and polished
• Fronts of all appliances wiped down and shined
• Microwave cleaned inside and out
• Sinks scrubbed clean, chrome polished
• Tables and chairs wiped clean

Living Areas and Bedrooms

• Lamps, fixtures and ceiling fans dusted
• Closets vacuumed and cleared of cobwebs
• Beds made, furniture pillows and cushions fluffed
• Everything wall-mounted dusted including window blinds

Half-Baths and Master Bathrooms

• Vanity counters and sinks cleaned and polished
• Tubs, showers and shower doors cleaned
• Mirrors, sink, tub and shower fixtures shined
• Toilets scrubbed, sanitized and deodorized

3. Deep House Cleaning Gets Really Deep

tile grout cleaning
Professional cleaners thoroughly clean bathroom tile & grout

If you wonder what do house cleaners clean when they offer deep cleaning services, imagine taking on every surface, corner, floor and window in the house. It’s a big job that your home deserves at least twice a year.

• Kitchen stove, range and hood interiors degreased and cleaned
• Areas behind heavy appliances like refrigerators and washing machines swept clean
• Furniture upholstery vacuumed including areas under cushions and pillows
• Hardwood floors cleaned, buffed and polished
• Carpets steam cleaned with special focus on high traffic areas
• Bathroom tile and grout cleaned and sanitized
• Windows washed and shined inside and out
• HVAC system air ducts cleaned throughout the home

4. You Get to Relax With Benefits

Now that you know what to expect from a house cleaner, should you retire traditional spring cleaning routines? You can if you like because professional care keeps your home beautifully clean year-round. Letting someone else do the housework comes with all kinds of great benefits.

• Healthier indoor air quality and interiors that always smell fresh
• Professional teams on call for special jobs like estate cleaning and hoarder cleanup
• Extended life for regularly cleaned carpets and upholstery
• Extra help making the house shine before and after entertaining
• Peace of mind when unexpected company drops by
• More free time for relaxing around the house instead of cleaning

Let Us Do the Work

residential cleaning company

When you’re ready to make daydreams of a clean home and free time come true, we’re ready to help with professional house cleaning services. While our overview gives you a good idea of what we do, we’re always open to your questions here through our Comments Section.

You don’t need to just imagine what it’s like to let someone else take care of your home. Whether you’re interested in regular housekeeping or deep cleaning house services here in Chicago and the suburbs, give us a call. Let ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba do the work while you relax.