What to Consider Before Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company in Morton Grove, IL

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: November 15, 2022

You take very good care of your home here in Morton Grove. Fresh carpets are an important part of that upkeep, but DIY carpet cleaning isn’t very effective. It’s heavy work, and it doesn’t produce the results you want.

This is a project that belongs in the hands of industry-trained technicians. You’re ready to make the call for professional carpet cleaning services.

How do you connect with the best carpet cleaning company in Morton Grove, IL?

These 10 tips can help you make the right choice for your home or business.

before and after morton grove carpet cleaning

1. Experience Is Key

A lack of experience doesn’t mean a company can’t handle the job. A long, successful track record does mean a carpet cleaning business consistently delivers quality services.

Check a prospective Morton Grove carpet cleaning company’s website for information about how long they’ve been in business. Take a look at their combined years of experience. Longevity is your assurance of professional services you can trust.

2. Credentials Protect You

A legitimate company will verify that it’s licensed, insured and that all employees are bonded. You can confirm a carpet cleaner’s business license through the City of Chicago’s online Business License Look-Up

The company’s insurance covers accidental damages that might occur while they’re working in your home or business. Bonded employees pass rigorous background checks and adhere to established professional standards.

These types of credentials protect you and your property during service calls.

3. Certification Ensures Expertise

Industry certification is another way to know you’re choosing one of the area’s best carpet cleaners. A company isn’t required to earn this accreditation, but those that do post the information on their websites.

IICRC-certified carpet cleaning businesses bring specialized expertise to the job. Here at ServiceMaster by Zaba in Morton Grove, our technicians are highly trained in all aspects of carpet care. We continually stay up to date on the latest industry advances through IICRC programs.

4. Pros Know Your Carpets

Before hiring a carpet cleaning company in Morton Grove, IL, ask about how their process works. It should include an initial personal consultation and a property-wide carpet assessment.

Professional carpet cleaners take the time to get to know you and the carpets in your Morton Grove home or business.

Carpet cleaning pros recommend the best cleaning method based on your carpet’s materials and construction. They explain all your options. You feel comfortable asking questions and bringing up any concerns you might have.

5. They Understand Your Needs

Carpet fibers accumulate organic pollutants that can impact your health. Different types of carpets in your home may require different cleaning methods. Businesses often need to schedule service calls outside their regular hours.

You want to hire professional carpet cleaners who can work with all types of situations and solve all types of carpet problems. An experienced carpet cleaning company knows how to develop the best carpet care solutions for residential and commercial properties.

6. They’re Fully Equipped

truck mounted cleaning carpet

You want a company that can clean the carpets in one room or take care of the entire house. If you need carpet cleaning at your Morton Grove workplace, you want professionals who know how to handle large-scale projects.

A top-tier carpet cleaning company offers scalable services for homes and businesses. Their equipment includes specialized HEPA vacuums, advanced truck-mounted cleaning systems and heavy-duty air movers.

7. Expect Extra Options

When you consider different carpet cleaning businesses, ask about available options and additional services.

These are a few of the extras that add value to your hiring decision.

  • Eco-friendly green carpet cleaning
  • Protective carpet fiber treatments
  • Custom plans for homes and businesses
  • Budget-friendly carpet cleaning specials
  • Area rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning

8. Ask About Their Capabilities

Can the carpet cleaning company in Morton Grove salvage and clean carpets damaged by water or fire? Do they offer deep carpet cleaning and disinfecting services? Are they available for emergencies?

If the answers are yes, you’re on the right track to hiring a company that cleans carpets and much more.

For example, our teams here at ServiceMaster by Zaba are on call 24/7 for emergencies. As a full-service restoration company, we can often clean and deodorize fire- and water-damaged carpets.

We also assist with filing homeowners or business insurance claims.

9. Ask for Their References

Successful carpet cleaning companies are happy to share their references, so always ask. Check with friends and neighbors about their experiences with carpet cleaners in Morton Grove.

Comments on independent review sites can also give you a good idea of a company’s overall customer satisfaction.

10. Look for Professional Pride

You want to feel comfortable with the team working in your home or business.

Clean service vans, uniformed technicians and friendly attitudes are sure signs of professional pride. It all reflects the confidence a company has in delivering the premium customer care you expect and deserve.

ServiceMaster by Zaba: Your Trusted Morton Grove, IL Carpet Cleaning Company

Before making the final call, consider how well a carpet cleaning company fits your needs. Whether you’re looking for residential carpet care or services at your business, you want to make the right decision.

We’re always here to answer your carpet cleaning questions, offer affordable solutions and serve you with personalized customer care. Give us a call.

Let us show you why ServiceMaster by Zaba is rated as one of the best professional carpet cleaning services in Morton Grove: 847-730-7301.