chicago winter 2017

Chicago Winter 2017: How to Prepare Your House for the Cold

The latest Chicago winter 2017 forecast includes chilling predictions that freeze you in your tracks. Everyone remembers our record-low temperatures back in 2014. Streets iced over, pipes froze, and homeowners dug out from a total winter snowfall of 79 inches. This year threatens to blow in with the same arctic blast, so you have to wonder: […]

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thawing frozen pipe

Prevent Frozen Pipes: 4 Steps to Insulate Pipes Like a Pro

Turning off the alarm clock as you climb out of a warm bed on a winter morning isn’t always easy. Realizing that a frozen pipe burst while you were sleeping turns waking up into a miserable day soaked with problems. Can you find a plumber who’s available for emergency pipe repair service? Will your insurance […]

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Avoid Freezing Pipes: Check these Areas of Your Home

Nothing prepares you for the shock of waking up to water all over the floors. If a frozen pipe burst while you were sleeping, you have to deal with the flood, contact a pipe repair service and start thinking about water damage repair. This all happens before you put on the coffee, and even that […]

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how to winterize boat

How to Winterize a Boat: 3 Essential Steps to Prep Your Boat

There aren’t many shorelines where you can launch your boat against the breathtaking backdrop of a world-famous skyline. If our Chicago winters weren’t so cold, you’d be out on Lake Michigan year-round. Still, you have to get ready when hard freezes are just around the corner. As well as you know how to winterize a […]

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