furnace troubleshooting

Furnace Troubleshooting: 10 Issues and How to Fix Them

When your furnace suddenly stops working, the temperature in your home seems to drop by the minute. You’re on the phone trying to line up help, but you know HVAC technicians stay extra busy this time of year. The whole situation leaves you cold and frustrated. Is it enough to make you think about trying […]

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winter blizzard chicago

What Kind of Damage Do Blizzards Cause to Homes?

The first snow of the season catches everybody off guard. We keep up with weather reports, take all the right precautions and get ready to dig in. Somehow, we’re always amazed at how severe our winter storms can be. As the city’s leading storm cleanup contractors, we stay busy this time of year helping property owners recover […]

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frozen pipes burst in house

Help! A Frozen Pipe Burst in My Home – What Do I Do?

It was only a couple of years ago that winter weather hit us hard and put Chicagoland into a deep freeze. That sub-zero temperature blast caused extensive residential and commercial damage. Frozen pipes ruptured and flooded homes and businesses all across the city. You don’t want to be caught off guard by this kind of […]

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chicago winter 2017

Chicago Winter 2017: How to Prepare Your House for the Cold

The latest Chicago winter 2017 forecast includes chilling predictions that freeze you in your tracks. Everyone remembers our record-low temperatures back in 2014. Streets iced over, pipes froze, and homeowners dug out from a total winter snowfall of 79 inches. This year threatens to blow in with the same arctic blast, so you have to wonder: […]

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chicago family holidays

10 Critical Holiday Home Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Spirits are bright, and you’re decking the house in its holiday best. From frosty snowmen on front lawns to Christmas trees glowing in front windows, Chicagoland turns into a beautiful wonderland this time of year. As busy as you are, have you set aside a little time to work up your checklist for holiday home […]

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ice dam leaking

Ice Dam Removal Strategies – What You Need to Know

Heavy snow, freezing temperatures and winter winds take a toll on the roof. Add ice dams to this winter equation, and you have a frozen phenomenon that threatens the integrity of shingles, eaves and gutters. Are you ready to get out the ladder and head up to the roof to remove your ice dams? We […]

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restaurant fire sprinkler system

How to Prevent Your Fire Sprinkler System from Freezing

This winter has been a little warmer than we’re used to, but February means that we’re only halfway through the chilly season. You never know when temperatures are going to plummet, so it’s important to make sure that the pipes in your home’s fire sprinkler system are ready for freezing weather. Getting caught off guard […]

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how to winterize boat

How to Winterize a Boat: 3 Essential Steps to Prep Your Boat

There aren’t many shorelines where you can launch your boat against the breathtaking backdrop of a world-famous skyline. If our Chicago winters weren’t so cold, you’d be out on Lake Michigan year-round. Still, you have to get ready when hard freezes are just around the corner. As well as you know how to winterize a […]

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