mold under plywood subfloor

How to Remove Mold From a Plywood Subfloor: 10 Must-Do Steps

Damp subflooring doesn’t turn into a cleanup project overnight. Whether it was soaked during storm flooding or saturated after an apartment plumbing mishap, a wet subfloor eventually becomes moldy. How do you handle mold on the subfloor in the kitchen? How do you get rid of mold in the bathroom under the flooring? Our ServiceMaster […]

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subfloor water damage

8 Effective Steps for Repairing a Water-Damaged Subfloor

It only takes a minute to wipe up spilled coffee on the kitchen floor. It can take days to recover from water damage after a burst pipe or storm flooding. As you work through the job of cleaning carpets and fixing hardwood floors, you have to be concerned about your home’s subflooring. Can you dry a […]

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