mold dorm room

5 Effective Steps to Get Rid of Mold in a Dorm Room

It’s more than a housekeeping hassle. Mold in a dorm room can quickly spread throughout the entire building. Airborne spores attach to clothing, move through open doorways and migrate across campus. It doesn’t take long for the problem to affect neighboring residence halls. Left untreated, a mold outbreak can make students and staff sick, result […]

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daycare cleaning checklist

5 Key Strategies for the Ultimate Daycare Cleaning Checklist

While the children enjoy the time they spend at your daycare facility, their parents expect the very best from you and your staff. You do everything you can to make the environment a safe, caring place. That includes keeping it sparkling clean from cubby storage to bathrooms. When was the last time you reviewed your […]

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laboratory maintenance checklist

A Lab Cleaning Checklist: 11 Steps to a Safer Work Environment

Very few working and learning environments on campus pose the potential hazards found in university laboratories. As a faculty or facility manager, it’s your responsibility to develop policies and guidelines that make sure these workspaces stay safe for staff and students. You know why you should keep your labs clean and maintain equipment, but can […]

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school fire safety

School Fire Safety: 10 Tips for the New Semester

If you’re a school director, you’re responsible for the safety of students and staff. That includes making sure everyone understands school fire safety and knows how to react in case of an emergency. We know you have solid plans in place, but when was the last time you reviewed prevention and evacuation procedures? It’s always […]

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