Restaurant Fire Safety: 10 Critical Ways to Protect Your Business

When customers dine at your restaurant, they enjoy delicious food and great service. Very few of them know that the number of restaurant fires across the country averages more than 5,000 every year. In just a matter of minutes, a small electrical spark or open flame can start a fire that races from back to front […]

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chicago high rises

What to Do In Case of a High Rise Building Fire: 15 Steps to Safety

It’s often the latest news story that makes you wonder if you’re really prepared. Everyone is on high alert, and that adds to the stress that you deal with every day. As fire restoration specialists in Chicago, we want to share information that focuses on what you can do to feel safer in your high-rise […]

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fire sprinkler system failure

Fire Sprinkler System Failure: Why It Happens & What To Do

No one pays much attention to them as they quietly stand guard. You make sure that they’re up to code and well-maintained, and you hope that they never have to go into action. Suddenly, the call comes. There aren’t flames anywhere on the premises, but those overhead sentries are drenching interiors with remarkable effectiveness. Sometimes, […]

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how to prepare for a snow storm

How to Prepare for a Snow Storm: 10 Steps for Weathering the Worst

We all remember the Super Bowl blizzard of 2015. As bad as it was, it only ranked fifth in our modern history of record-setting snow storms. The winter blast dumped more than 19 inches of the white stuff across Chicago and knocked out power to more than 15,000 homes and businesses. Are you ready for the […]

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christmas tree safety

Christmas Tree Safety: 7 Life-Saving Ways to Prevent Fires

For a wonderful while, it’s the most beautiful decoration in your home. Whether it’s tall, short, slender or plump, the Christmas tree stands at the center of holiday celebrations. It also stands as a seasonal addition to the house that needs to be treated with special care. As you make plans to bring home this […]

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fireplace safety tips

Fireplace Safety Tips: 8 Ways to Stay Warm and Safe

You bring in the wood or prep the gas log and get ready to light the fireplace for its first winter evening. Everyone loves to gather around the flickering glow and bask in the warm company of family and friends. Everyone wants to stay safe too. When was the last time you sat down and […]

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laboratory maintenance checklist

A Lab Cleaning Checklist: 11 Steps to a Safer Work Environment

Very few working and learning environments on campus pose the potential hazards found in university laboratories. As a faculty or facility manager, it’s your responsibility to develop policies and guidelines that make sure these workspaces stay safe for staff and students. You know why you should keep your labs clean and maintain equipment, but can […]

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category 3 water damage

Category 3 Water Damage: What It Is and How to Deal With It

When you’re faced with water damage in your home, you need to clean and dry everything as quickly as possible.  Fortunately, you’re not alone in the process. Here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba, we have more than 85 combined years of experience in the restoration industry.  In this blog, we’ve compiled our top tips to […]

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school fire safety

School Fire Safety: 10 Tips for the New Semester

If you’re a school director, you’re responsible for the safety of students and staff. That includes making sure everyone understands school fire safety and knows how to react in case of an emergency. We know you have solid plans in place, but when was the last time you reviewed prevention and evacuation procedures? It’s always […]

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water electricity safety

Water and Electricity Safety Around the Pool: 8 Summertime Rules

Summer is sizzling again here in Chicagoland, so backyard pools are currently the coolest spots in the city. You splash, laugh and relax while you beat the heat. Everyone takes precautions too with sunscreen and bug spray, and you play it safe with life jackets and swim rings. Does safety around your swimming pool also […]

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