restaurant health inspector

Your Restaurant Health Inspection Checklist: 12 Critical Points

As a restaurant owner or manager, you know the city’s health inspector does an important job. Still, those unannounced visits make everyone on shift a little nervous. From front to back of house, you count on everything being up to code. If you haven’t updated your restaurant health inspection checklist, are you sure your operations […]

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how to clean ceiling tiles in the restaurant

How to Clean Ceiling Tiles in the Restaurant: 3 Tips to do it Like a Pro

There are many places that get dirty in a restaurant, but you might not imagine that ceiling tiles would be a very high-impact area. Surprisingly, though, commercial kitchen ceiling tiles can get filthy quite quickly. Commonly made of absorbent materials like “popcorn” finish and plaster, ceiling tiles can become discolored and warped. In some cases, […]

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restaurant bathroom cleaning checklist

The Ultimate Restaurant Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Leaving things to chance isn’t an option when you’re in the restaurant business. You network with the best vendors, keep equipment in top shape and work out detailed schedules for every shift. Your staff understands their specific duties before and after each service, but have you provided them with an itemized restaurant restroom cleaning checklist? […]

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restaurant cleaning schedule checklist

Restaurant Cleaning Schedule: A Helpful 12-Step Checklist

When guests walk through your restaurant’s front doors, they expect a clean dining room that sparkles from floor to ceiling. When city health department inspectors walk through the back door, they’re looking for sanitized prep areas and well-maintained equipment. Do you rely on your staff to keep everything immaculate by working on a set restaurant […]

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commercial kitchen fire safety

Commercial Kitchen Fire Safety: 5 Essential Preventative Strategies

Whether you manage QSR locations across the city or own a corner cafe, it’s one of the worst things that can happen to your restaurant. A fire in the kitchen endangers lives, destroys property and shuts down operations indefinitely. How long has it been since you reviewed your strategies for commercial kitchen fire safety? Do […]

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