commercial building sale tips

4 Tips on Selling Commercial Property That Will Earn You More Money

“I want to sell my commercial property. How do I do it?” If it’s time to sell your commercial space, you’re probably feeling many things: anxious, excited, and optimistic about how much your property will fetch. The one thing you don’t have to feel, though, is unsure about whether or not you can boost the […]

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unattended death

Your Unattended Death Checklist: 8 Things to Expect

There are so many circumstances, and none of them are easy to face. An unattended death might be from natural causes. It could be a suicide or the aftermath of a crime scene. When it happens to someone you care for, the results can seem overwhelming. No one is ever really ready to deal with […]

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rebuild house after fire

8 Essential Steps to Rebuilding Your Home After a Fire

A fire in your home is devastating. You’re so relieved and grateful that everyone is OK, but now you’re dealing with the enormous task of putting everything back together. From a charred roof and fire-damaged interiors to water-soaked carpets, it’s hard to know where to start. If you ever find yourself facing this situation, will […]

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cleaning out estate

Handling an Estate Cleanout: 10 Reasons It’s a Job for the Pros

It happens most often with the loss of a loved one. It can become your responsibility when family leaves a home behind. The house might have been empty for a long time, or it’s only now in need of your attention. Regardless of the circumstances, handling an estate cleanout can be a very challenging job. […]

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board up broken window

How to Board up a Window Right Now in 7 Quick Steps

A broken window is an invitation to trouble. It can’t keep out the weather, and it’s an easy target for vandals. Whether you manage residential or commercial property, or are a homeowner, this kind of damage can quickly cost more than the price of repair. You take care of so many things with your DIY […]

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why isn’t my house selling

Why Isn’t My House Selling? 5 Reasons Houses Don’t Sell

Selling your home is a big, life-changing step. You’re in a good neighborhood, and you’ve set a fair price. You’ve done all you can to make the process as smooth as possible. You’ve done your home-selling homework, invested in repairs and hired a great realtor. Still, prospective buyers just aren’t giving your home that important second […]

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country club maintenance

Country Club Cleaning Checklist: Daily, Weekly & Monthly Guidelines

Club members have very high standards. You exceed their expectations on a daily basis by overseeing operations and taking care of staff. As a country club manager, you stay busy with duties from the front doors and foyer to the dining room, kitchen and banquet spaces. It’s your responsibility to make sure every room on […]

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forensic cleaning company

6 Reasons for Calling in Professional Biohazard Cleanup Specialists

You never expect it to happen on your property. When it does, the aftermath becomes your responsibility. It can be a murder, suicide or terrible accident. Once the authorities have come and gone, you’re on your own. How do you take care of biohazard cleanup at your business or home? Where do you start? You […]

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meth lab decontamination chicago

How to Deal With a Meth House: 5 Critical Tips for Property Managers

When you own or manage rental properties, you rely on your experience to stay ahead of potential problems. Whether you do the work yourself or count on trusted crews, your properties stay in good shape. Do you know how to deal with meth lab decontamination at a rental property? It’s a landlord’s nightmare because damages […]

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