unattended death checklist

Your Unattended Death Checklist: 8 Things to Expect

There are so many circumstances, and none of them are easy to face. An unattended death might be from natural causes. It could be a suicide or the aftermath of a crime scene. When it happens to someone you care for, the results can seem overwhelming. No one is ever really ready to deal with […]

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rebuilding a house after a fire

8 Essential Steps to Rebuilding Your Home After a Fire

A fire in your home is devastating. Faced with the enormous task of putting everything back together, you may be wondering where to begin. Don’t worry, though – you’re not alone.  Here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba, we have more than 85 years of experience providing fire damage restoration services to Chicago homeowners, and we’ve […]

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how to board up a window

How to Board up a Window Right Now in 7 Quick Steps

A broken window is an invitation to trouble. It can’t keep out the weather, and it’s an easy target for vandals. Whether you manage residential or commercial property, or are a homeowner, this kind of damage can quickly cost more than the price of repair. You take care of so many things with your DIY […]

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