commercial building sale tips

4 Tips on Selling Commercial Property That Will Earn You More Money

“I want to sell my commercial property. How do I do it?” If it’s time to sell your commercial space, you’re probably feeling many things: anxious, excited, and optimistic about how much your property will fetch. The one thing you don’t have to feel, though, is unsure about whether or not you can boost the […]

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servicemaster office cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Quotes Explained: 5 Facts to Know, 5 Ways to Save

Whether you own the company or manage the building, you take pride in running everything as efficiently as possible. You decide to outsource the services that keep offices and facilities clean for customers and employees. You start by contacting a local cleaning company for an estimate. Are you familiar with the different factors that go […]

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chicago building

Building Maintenance: 10 Services Every Building Needs

You know what it takes to keep a building in good shape, and you know how to keep customers and tenants happy too. As a property owner or facility manager, you juggle dozens of jobs every day. Commercial building maintenance is one of your biggest responsibilities. When was the last time you outlined the services […]

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exposure to mold at work

Mold in the Workplace? 7 Critical Things to Do

When something in the break room refrigerator sprouts a fuzzy growth, it gets tossed in the trash so that it doesn’t make anyone sick ill. However, mold growing under bathroom sinks, inside walls and inside air ducts can have a very negative impact on everyone’s health in the workplace. If you’re a building manager, are […]

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