christmas tree safety

Christmas Tree Safety: 7 Life-Saving Ways to Prevent Fires

For a wonderful while, it’s the most beautiful decoration in your home. Whether it’s tall, short, slender or plump, the Christmas tree stands at the center of holiday celebrations. It also stands as a seasonal addition to the house that needs to be treated with special care. As you make plans to bring home this […]

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fireplace maintenance

Fireplace Maintenance: 8 Things Every Home Hearth Needs

You inspect the gutters, put up storm windows and insulate the pipes. As a homeowner, you know how important it is to take care of winter chores. They keep the house safe, hold down heating costs and head off unexpected repair bills. Do you make regular fireplace maintenance a part of your home’s wintertime upkeep? During […]

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fireplace safety tips

Fireplace Safety Tips: 8 Ways to Stay Warm and Safe

You bring in the wood or prep the gas log and get ready to light the fireplace for its first winter evening. Everyone loves to gather around the flickering glow and bask in the warm company of family and friends. Everyone wants to stay safe too. When was the last time you sat down and […]

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holiday home safety tips

10 Critical Holiday Home Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Spirits are bright, and you’re decking the house in its holiday best. From frosty snowmen on front lawns to Christmas trees glowing in front windows, Chicagoland turns into a beautiful wonderland this time of year. As busy as you are, have you set aside a little time to work up your checklist for holiday home […]

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thanksgiving cooking safety tips

10 Basic Thanksgiving Cooking Safety Tips You Should Know

The warm kitchen fills with delicious aromas. Your plans include family favorites and a few new dishes. The most mouthwatering day on the calendar is well-seasoned with anticipation for even more holiday celebrations. You’ve done it all for so many years, and everything always turns out just fine. Why think twice about Thanksgiving cooking safety […]

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halloween cleaning

Halloween Cleaning: 5 Tricks To Get Your Home Back To Normal

They only ring the doorbell once a year. Ghosts, goblins and witches on the front porch always bring Halloween fun. You’re ready with sweet rewards for their make-believe magic journey around the neighborhood, but sometimes, treats aren’t enough to discourage tricks. If you wake up to toilet paper in the trees or eggs on the […]

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