restaurant fire damage

Commercial Kitchen Fire Safety: 5 Essential Preventative Strategies

Whether you manage QSR locations across the city or own a corner cafe, it’s one of the worst things that can happen to your restaurant. A fire in the kitchen endangers lives, destroys property and shuts down operations indefinitely. How long has it been since you reviewed your strategies for commercial kitchen fire safety? Do […]

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clean public restroom

Commercial Restroom Cleaning: 6 Ways It’s Good for Business

If you think you can do without office and business cleaning services, think about customers and employees. From conference rooms to sales areas, every commercial space makes an immediate and lasting impression. Your interiors’ appearance is an extension of your professional pride. Some of the busiest areas of a commercial property are also the hardest […]

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servicemaster team repairing water damaged home

An Insurance Agent’s Guide to Choosing the Best Restoration Contractor

You have to keep policyholders happy while meeting professional goals and ensuring your firm’s financial success. It’s a 24/7 job that often unfolds in unpredictable situations. Your role as an insurance agent or adjuster isn’t easy. Some of the most important decisions you make involve choosing the right restoration contractors for the job. How can […]

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retail storefront in chicago on black friday

7 Handy Retail Store Cleaning Hacks for Black Friday 2016

It’s the biggest retail day of the year. You make sure your best staff and sales associates are prepared for the job. Signage goes up, products go on display, and you’re looking forward to a very profitable Black Friday. You’ve covered all the details, but did you know that retail store cleaning can be your […]

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business man computer organizing

Cleanliness in the Workplace: Setting up a Cleaning Program

A commercial property that shines from floor to ceiling sets the right tone for customers and employees. It makes a great first impression, encourages repeat business and keeps morale high. Cleanliness in the workplace reflects the strong sense of pride that you take in your business every day. Are you thinking about an in-house cleaning […]

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cleaning wall with sponge

New Bottom-Line Hack: Cleaning Walls of Your Business

You like to take care of things yourself, and you always keep your business looking its best. The last time you gave the place a good cleaning, you did a great job. Everything shined from floor to ceiling. Did your hard work include cleaning the walls? Most commercial cleaning services cover this often-overlooked chore, but […]

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property manager city background

Disaster Preparedness for Property Managers: 10 Steps to Create a Plan

Whether your tenants operate retail outlets or raise families, you want to provide them with the safest possible environment. Part of ensuring their security rests on having a solid disaster preparedness plan in place. As a property owner or manager, it’s one of your biggest responsibilities. Do you have a partner who you can trust […]

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commercial restoration services team in chicago

Commercial Cleaning Tips and Tricks: The Ultimate Guide

It takes a lot of hard work to keep your business looking its best. Whether you manage an office building, run a restaurant or own a retail outlet, it’s your responsibility to keep the place spotless. It seems like there’s always so much that needs your attention. Are workplace cleaning chores stealing your valuable time? […]

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tornado chicago skyline

15 Tornado Safety Tips (People Often Forget About Tip #4)

You can count on our spring and summer seasons here in northwest Illinois to always deliver severe weather. This past June, we saw the destruction left behind after four tornadoes hit our area in just one night. Meteorologists are predicting that we’ll see an increase in the number of these dangerous weather events. Last year, the National […]

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