convenience store cleaning checklist

The Complete Convenience Store / Gas Station Cleaning Checklist

The competition never slows down. Your customers are constantly on the go. You have to present a positive brand image in just a matter of minutes. Your convenience store has to shine from entrance to sales counters. As hard as you and your staff work keeping the place spotless, do you have a convenience store […]

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school cleaning checklist

A School Cleaning Checklist: 10 Ways Professionals Get the Job Done

Parents, staff and students expect a school setting to be clean and welcoming. Everyone understands the importance of a healthy, germ-free environment. Ideally, the focus is always on learning and growing. In your role as facility manager or administrator, it’s your responsibility to meet critical cleaning standards for your school every day. Can you get […]

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hotel cleaning checklist

Hotel Deep Clean Checklist: 10 Must-Do Jobs

Clean rooms and spotless baths do more than satisfy expectations. They earn loyalty from returning guests and rack up great online reviews. Your standards as a hotel manager are very high because the condition of guest rooms can make or break your property’s business. Do you stay in front of this ongoing challenge with a […]

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country club maintenance

Country Club Cleaning Checklist: Daily, Weekly & Monthly Guidelines

Club members have very high standards. You exceed their expectations on a daily basis by overseeing operations and taking care of staff. As a country club manager, you stay busy with duties from the front doors and foyer to the dining room, kitchen and banquet spaces. It’s your responsibility to make sure every room on […]

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chicago building

Building Maintenance: 10 Services Every Building Needs

You know what it takes to keep a building in good shape, and you know how to keep customers and tenants happy too. As a property owner or facility manager, you juggle dozens of jobs every day. Commercial building maintenance is one of your biggest responsibilities. When was the last time you outlined the services […]

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exposure to mold at work

Mold in the Workplace? 7 Critical Things to Do

When something in the break room refrigerator sprouts a fuzzy growth, it gets tossed in the trash so that it doesn’t make anyone sick ill. However, mold growing under bathroom sinks, inside walls and inside air ducts can have a very negative impact on everyone’s health in the workplace. If you’re a building manager, are […]

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electrical failure power socket

Electrical Fire Safety in the Workplace: Your 4-Point Guide

Technically, the majority of fires in office settings are caused by cooking equipment. Take into account that break room microwaves, hot plates and coffee pots all use the same type of power, and the statistics point to the second-most common source of workplace fires: the electricity that powers your building. As a business owner or […]

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commercial carpet cleaning methods

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Methods: What the Pros Can Do That You Can’t

As a business owner or facility manager, you and your staff take care of routine workplace housekeeping chores, but you probably don’t think much about carpet cleaning methods. Pros and cons of wet or dry cleaning don’t usually come up during water cooler conversations. Cleaning a carpet might seem like a simple process, but it’s a […]

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a clean hotel in chicago

The Importance of Cleanliness in Hotels: Beyond Housekeeping

The standards for sanitation in the hotel industry are extremely high. As a general manager, it’s your responsibility to meet and exceed them around the clock. Your housekeeping staff works hard, but they can’t cover everything, and you can’t ask other departments to pitch in. How do you bridge the gap between routine housekeeping duties […]

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job site cleanup chicago

Job Site Cleanup: 10 Reasons to Let Specialists do the Work

Your construction company stays busy because you’re very good at what you do. You bring years of industry experience to every job. Clients expect you to deliver your best with a finished project that’s turn-key ready. How much easier would it be if you left construction site cleanup to specially trained professionals? If you’re still […]

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