urinal overflow

How to Fix Restroom Urinal Overflow and Leak Disasters

Restrooms in a commercial property are some of the busiest areas in the building. As a facility manager or business owner, you know they need attention around the clock. When a urinal overflows, you know you’re dealing with repair problems and water damage. A leaking or overflowing urinal can quickly become a business disaster. We […]

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water damaged building in chicago illinois

My Building Has Water Damage – What Should I Do?

Dealing with a water-damaged commercial building is never easy. Whether you’re the owner or manager, you have to make important decisions. Time isn’t on your side. Closing off part of the property can be a huge inconvenience. An extensive shutdown costs time and revenue. Are you ready to solve the problems that come with cleaning […]

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fire damaged building chicago

What Should I Do After a Business Fire?

It’s so hard to handle the aftermath of a property fire. It’s even more difficult to deal with the chaos when it impacts your workplace, your employees and your financial security. You hope it never happens, but you need to be prepared. Knowing what to do after a business fire gets you and your workforce […]

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restaurant health inspector

Your Restaurant Health Inspection Checklist: 12 Critical Points

As a restaurant owner or manager, you know the city’s health inspector does an important job. Still, those unannounced visits make everyone on shift a little nervous. From front to back of house, you count on everything being up to code. If you haven’t updated your restaurant health inspection checklist, are you sure your operations […]

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Restaurant Fire Safety: 10 Critical Ways to Protect Your Business

When customers dine at your restaurant, they enjoy delicious food and great service. Very few of them know that the number of restaurant fires across the country averages more than 5,000 every year. In just a matter of minutes, a small electrical spark or open flame can start a fire that races from back to front […]

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chicago high rises

What to Do In Case of a High Rise Building Fire: 15 Steps to Safety

It’s often the latest news story that makes you wonder if you’re really prepared. Everyone is on high alert, and that adds to the stress that you deal with every day. As fire restoration specialists in Chicago, we want to share information that focuses on what you can do to feel safer in your high-rise […]

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medical facility office cleaner

The Complete Medical Office Cleaning Checklist

When patients walk through the doors of your medical building, they want to be taken care of in a professional setting. They immediately judge the appearance of your offices, waiting areas and examination rooms. As facility manager, are you meeting their expectations with the best possible medical office cleaning procedures? Specialized commercial and office cleaning is […]

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Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service? [27 Incredible Benefits]

As a business owner or building manager, you’re responsible for making sure that your property always looks its best. You also have to consider different strategies that can hold down operating costs. Are you tempted to save money by assigning cleanup chores to in-house personnel? Delegating the work to employees doesn’t crunch smart budget numbers. […]

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sprinkler system discharge in commercial building

Water Damage From Sprinkler Systems: 4 Dos and Don’ts

If you think water damage from a sprinkler system only happens when a fire breaks out, it’s time to take another look at those overhead pipes. The system can help contain the spread of a blaze and save lives, but it can also ruin interiors, inventory and equipment during an ordinary work day. Are you […]

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applied structural drying

Applied Structural Drying: How It Works and Why It’s Important

When you’re dealing with water damage at your home or business, you trust professionals to help you get back on your feet. From your insurance agent to restoration technicians, highly trained specialists go to work and focus on your property’s cleanup and recovery. Did you know that a restoration contractor’s in-place drying process is one […]

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