carpet water damage

How to Get Rid of Carpet Odor From Water Damage in 4 Easy Steps

When you face water damage at the house, there’s so much to do. You have to identify the problem, make repairs and start the recovery process. After several days of hard work, you’re done. You heave a big sigh of relief. That’s when it hits you. You’re wondering out loud, “I’ve done all this cleaning, […]

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after construction cleaners

Post Construction Cleaning Checklist: A List with 10 Best Cleaning Tips

Whether you’re remodeling retail space or building new commercial property from the ground up, there’s nothing like that last day. Construction crews are finished, they’re clearing things out, and you’re ready to open the doors. One good look around tells you that you’ll have to wait. How do you handle scuffed-up interiors, dirty carpets and […]

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Deep Cleaning the House to Sell: A Time-Saving 10-Step Checklist

If you do it right, it puts extra money in your pocket. Still, getting your home ready to sell can really challenge your housekeeping superpowers. This is more than spring cleaning. This project makes a big difference in how buyers see your house as their potential home. When you’re cleaning a house to sell, a checklist […]

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cleaning restaurant ceiling tiles

How to Clean Ceiling Tiles in the Restaurant: 3 Tips to do it Like a Pro

There are many places that get dirty in a restaurant, but you might not imagine that ceiling tiles would be a very high-impact area. Surprisingly, though, commercial kitchen ceiling tiles can get filthy quite quickly. Commonly made of absorbent materials like “popcorn” finish and plaster, ceiling tiles can become discolored and warped. In some cases, […]

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chicago museum

A Museum Cleaning Checklist: 8 Critical Areas That Need Attention

You develop strict protocols that help conserve and preserve the treasures in your museum. As the site’s facility manager, you make sure staff always follows these critical guidelines. Have you recently reviewed housekeeping routines? Is it time to update your museum cleaning checklist? You reassess the standards applied to caring for irreplaceable artifacts and documents […]

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fireplace maintenance

Fireplace Maintenance: 8 Things Every Home Hearth Needs

You inspect the gutters, put up storm windows and insulate the pipes. As a homeowner, you know how important it is to take care of winter chores. They keep the house safe, hold down heating costs and head off unexpected repair bills. Do you make regular fireplace maintenance a part of your home’s wintertime upkeep? During […]

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clean furnace

How to Clean Your Furnace: 5 Effective DIY Steps

This time of year, the air takes on a crisp chill, and we finally forget summer’s heat. Still, the deep freeze of winter is just a few weeks away. It’s time to get your home ready for another cold season. Your DIY handyman talents cover all kinds of cold-weather chores, but do you know how to clean […]

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A Lab Cleaning Checklist: 11 Steps to a Safer Work Environment

Very few working and learning environments on campus pose the potential hazards found in university laboratories. As a faculty or facility manager, it’s your responsibility to develop policies and guidelines that make sure these workspaces stay safe for staff and students. You know why you should keep your labs clean and maintain equipment, but can […]

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cleaning gutter

Best Ways to Clean Gutters: 10 Tips That Really Help

Some seasonal chores around the house always seem like a big job. Climbing the ladder and tackling the gutters isn’t a project you look forward to, but you know you have to get it done. Do you sometimes wish you knew the best way to clean gutters? Could you use a few tips and tricks? We know […]

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post construction workers

Post Construction Cleaning Supplies: 5 Essentials You Need to Have

Winding down a successful construction project always feels great. Your crews worked hard, and your client wants to open the doors. Still, you know the site isn’t ready yet. Floors are dirty, trash is piled up, and dust covers everything. It’s time to tackle construction cleanup duties. Do you have what it takes to get […]

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