bathtub overflows leaking downstairs chicago

What to Do When the Bathtub Overflows and Leaks Downstairs

The ceiling leak is coming from the tub upstairs, but you can’t pinpoint the problem. The drain isn’t clogged, pipe connections are tight, and the caulk looks good. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out what to do when the bathtub overflows and leaks downstairs. Have you checked the tub overflow drain? When the small component […]

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water stain on ceiling

Help! There’s a Water Stain on My Ceiling – What Should I Do?

In addition to being unsightly, water stains on the ceiling can indicate hidden leaks and serious water damage. This problem needs to be fixed quickly. At ServiceMaster by Zaba, we have been restoring water-damaged ceilings in Chicago, IL, and the suburbs for over 85 years, so we understand this problem and how to address it. […]

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sagging ceiling water damage

How to Fix a Sagging Ceiling Due to Water Damage

Water damage: it’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare. When it affects the ceiling, though, it can be especially problematic. When the ceiling is damaged, gravity isn’t on your side. Because of this, you have to act fast to fix a sagging ceiling due to water damage.  As a leading ceiling water damage restoration provider in Chicago, […]

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Water is Leaking Through My Light Fixture! What Should I Do?

Right away, you know something’s wrong. You look up from that puddle in the middle of the room and see water dripping from the light fixture. Can this scenario get any worse? Yes, it can. When a ceiling light fixture gets wet, it creates a dangerous situation that needs to be taken care of right […]

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water leaking in chicago home

5 Quick Steps to Patch Water Damage in Your Ceiling

Water: it’s relaxing, beautiful, and peaceful to be around. When it meets your home’s drywall and other surfaces, though, it can cause a significant problem. Suddenly, you’re faced with learning how to repair a water damaged wall or roof. In some cases, severe water damage can cause your wallboard to collapse and disintegrate, leading to […]

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bathroom ceiling water damage

Water in the Ceiling Under the Bathroom? 5 Quick Steps

We know how it goes: you’re just going about your business one day, and then you look up and see it – a water leak in the ceiling below the bathroom. Where, once, there was pristine drywall, there’s now a large water stain or a bubble in the ceiling. You start to panic. What now? […]

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cleaning restaurant ceiling tiles

How to Clean Ceiling Tiles in the Restaurant: 3 Tips to do it Like a Pro

There are many places that get dirty in a restaurant, but you might not imagine that ceiling tiles would be a very high-impact area. Surprisingly, though, commercial kitchen ceiling tiles can get filthy quite quickly. Commonly made of absorbent materials like “popcorn” finish and plaster, ceiling tiles can become discolored and warped. In some cases, […]

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