apartment fire damage chicago

Apartment Fire Damage: What You Need to Know

It starts with smoke filling the hallway. Suddenly, you spot flames, and they’re spreading quickly. Alarms are going off and sprinklers are coming on. There’s a fire in your apartment building. Do you know what to do? All renters need to be prepared. Over the years, we’ve helped tenants and landlords recover from fires in […]

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water damage apartment

How to Deal With Water Damage in Your Apartment

You don’t own the apartment, but it is your home. Whether you drive to work or telecommute, the unit serves as your base. This is where you live, relax and enjoy leasing personal space. It’s also where a burst pipe, appliance failure or upstairs neighbor can soak the rooms and ruin your belongings. Cleaning up […]

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pipe burst in apartment

Water Pipe Burst in Apartment? Here’s What To Do Right Now

It’s been a long day. You’re headed home to the apartment. Evening plans include relaxing and enjoying well-earned downtime. Wet furniture and soaked floors aren’t on your list of expectations. When you walk through the door, you’re greeted by water damage in the apartment. How did this mess happen? Who’s responsible for cleanup and repairs? […]

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ceiling leaking from upstairs apartment

Ceiling Leak From the Upstairs Apartment? Here’s What to Do

Dealing with water damage in your apartment isn’t easy. It’s even harder when the source of the water is a ceiling leak from the upstairs apartment.  Our restoration teams take care of apartment ceiling leak restoration and repair in Chicago, IL and the suburbs every single day.  Based on our years of experience, we offer […]

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building leak detection chicago

How to Find Water Leaks in Your Apartment Building

Water leaks in commercial properties cause expensive long-term damage. Apartment building leaks are especially costly when they flood units and soak tenants’ belongings. Preventative strategies make a big difference. As a property manager or building owner, you work hard staying ahead of potential problems. You can’t predict burst pipes and plumbing leaks, but they’re easier […]

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chicago dorm fire

College Dorm Fire Safety: 6 Life Saving Tips

overWhether it’s your first semester or final year, living on campus turns the dorm into a second home. That comfortable environment should always be a place where everyone feels safe in their surroundings. An important part of that sense of security comes from being prepared for emergencies, but how well do you know the ins […]

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chicago house cleaners

What to Expect From a House Cleaner: 4 Things You Can Count On

Between work and home, things never slow down. Even finding a little free time for relaxing seems like a job. Housework doesn’t get done by itself, so you dust and vacuum around a busy professional and personal schedule. Have you every daydreamed and wondered, “What do house cleaners clean, and how can they make my […]

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meth lab decontamination chicago

How to Deal With a Meth House: 5 Critical Tips for Property Managers

When you own or manage rental properties, you rely on your experience to stay ahead of potential problems. Whether you do the work yourself or count on trusted crews, your properties stay in good shape. Do you know how to deal with meth lab decontamination at a rental property? It’s a landlord’s nightmare because damages […]

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apartment plumbing issues

Apartment Plumbing Problems: 4 Issues and How to Fix Them

Whether you call a high-rise home or live in an older courtyard building, you eventually have to deal with faulty apartment plumbing. From leaky fixtures to clogged drains, these problems need attention right away. When water starts to flood across floors, saturate walls and soak your belongings, do you wait on management for help or […]

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