Spring Cleaning in Chicago: A Complete Guide [2021]

Last Updated on March 16, 2021 by Diana Rodriguez-Zaba

Our city offers so many great ways to celebrate spring. It’s the perfect time of year for exploring Lincoln Park Zoo or enjoying a lakefront stroll. From mini-golf at Navy Pier to selfies with the Bean, everyone’s ready to get outside.

This sense of renewal also inspires us to tackle that big, annual housekeeping task. Yes, it’s time for spring cleaning in Chicago. We know you’re ready for it, and we can help.

This guide to spring cleaning your home is based on our deep house cleaning services. Get ready to make quick work of it with our comprehensive lists and power tips.

What Is Spring Cleaning and Is It Really Necessary?

Spring cleaning is more than an annual project passed along from one generation to another. It’s actually based on historic rites that date back more than 4,000 years. The desire to renew and rejuvenate was shared across multiple cultures. It’s still a global concept today that supports all types of spring cleaning services.

For most residents in Chicago, house cleaning this time of year is considered a necessity. It’s important because it restores a home’s interior health. Deep spring cleaning removes accumulated dirt, dust, mold, allergens and bacteria. Your hard work pays off with sanitary surfaces and healthier indoor air quality.

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When Should You Start Spring Cleaning Your Chicago Home?

How do you know when to start spring cleaning? Should you plan ahead or just jump in on a free weekend?

We recommend coming up with a strategy, getting the family on board and staying in touch with the Chicago forecast. Once our weather warms up, you can throw open the windows and fill the house with fresh air while you clean.

What Does a Spring Clean in Chicago Include?

Here in Chicago, a clean house is one that’s in great shape from top to bottom. For annual spring cleaning, apply that same principle with a general deep cleaning from ceilings to floors.

Start your clean sweep with these tasks that apply to every room. When you’re done, finish each room on our spring cleaning list with jobs specific to that area.

Whole House Spring Cleaning for Chicago Homes

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  • Wipe ceilings clean; dust ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Wipe down walls, doors and built-in cabinets or bookcases.
  • Polish windows and tracks; check window sills for signs of mold.
  • Dust window blinds, and hand-vac fabric coverings.
  • Disinfect light switches, door knobs and cabinet handles.
  • Dust light bulbs, and hand-vac lamp shades.
  • Wipe down baseboards, shoe molding and quarter round.
  • Clean HVAC wall and ceiling air vents and grates.
  • Shampoo carpets, polish hardwood floors, and disinfect tile floors.

Power Tip: Make a budget-friendly spray for cleaning windows with equal parts vinegar and water.

Spring Cleaning Bedrooms

  • Clear out closets, and dust shelves; move seasonal clothing to storage.
  • Organize drawers, and plan on donating clothes you no longer wear.
  • Rotate mattresses, and fluff pillows; shake out bedspreads and comforters.
  • Refresh pillow top mattresses by sprinkling with baking soda before hand-vacuuming.

Power Tip: Renew freshly washed bedding by letting everything dry outside on a sunny day.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tasks

cleaning chicago kitchen
  • Clean out cabinets, wash shelves, and reorganize contents.
  • Wipe down pantry closet shelves; sweep and mop pantry floors.
  • Clean inside, outside, behind and underneath countertop appliances.
  • Empty the refrigerator, wipe down shelves, and clean behind and underneath the unit.
  • Run the dishwasher with an open container of vinegar in an upper rack.
  • Sanitize sink drains and fixtures, cabinet and door knobs and countertop splash guards.

Power Tip: Revive a smelly sink drain by running lemon slices through the disposal.

Home Office and Living Area Spring Cleaning

  • Clean computer keyboards with canned air, and disinfect with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Dust and check condition of cords and connections to all office equipment.
  • Flip furniture cushions, vacuum deep into crevices, and clean trim.
  • Wipe down frames and polish glass on hanging artwork.
  • Take area rugs outside for a good shake, and hang them up to air out.

Power Tip: Let Chicago rug cleaning professionals deep clean delicate area rugs. Give us a call for a free estimate: 773-647-1985

Bathroom Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning bathroom
  • Scrub and sanitize bathroom tile walls, countertops and floors.
  • Clean deep inside vanity cabinets, especially under sinks.
  • Replace or wash shower curtains and bath floor mats.
  • Disinfect and clear out shower, sink and toilet drains.
  • Organize cabinets, and throw out expired toiletries and medications.

Power Tip: Freshen up lower cabinets by leaving open bowls of baking soda in place for several days.

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If you’re like most Chicago homeowners, spring cleaning doesn’t cover everything in the house. Some jobs are too big or require specialized equipment. Our deep house cleaning bridges the gap with these services and more.

Everyone looks forward to finishing up annual cleaning chores and enjoying Chicago at its springtime best. We’re ready to help with a full line of residential deep cleaning.

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