A School Cleaning Checklist: 10 Ways Professionals Get the Job Done

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: August 29, 2023

Parents, staff and students expect a school setting to be clean and welcoming. Everyone understands the importance of a healthy, germ-free environment. Ideally, the focus is always on learning and growing. In your role as facility manager or administrator, it’s your responsibility to meet critical cleaning standards for your school every day.

Can you get the job done more effectively by bringing in professional services?

We offer this overview to help you determine how your campus can benefit from hiring a cleaning contractor. In-house staff works hard, but a cleaning company can make everyone’s job easier and keep your school healthier.

10 Ways Professional Cleaning Services Keep School Environments Clean

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Whether it’s a primary school or a state university, an educational setting should never be affected by dingy classrooms and dirty bathrooms. Indoor environmental quality is just as vital in a school setting as it is in the workplace.

Meeting and exceeding rigorous cleaning standards for schools can be a challenge. Managing this responsibility year-round can be easier with the services of a certified cleaning contractor. Consider these 10 benefits professional school cleaners bring to the job.

1. Certified Technicians Do the Work

Most school budgets don’t cover specialized training in school cleaning procedures for in-house employees. By hiring an experienced cleaning company, you can count on industry certified technicians highly trained in commercial cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting techniques.

2. All Janitorial Duties Are Covered

Working with a cleaning contractor lets you develop a school cleaning checklist tailored to your campus. You know exactly what to expect, and you know all janitorial duties are covered by cleaning professionals on a regular basis.

3. Deep Cleaning Projects Get Done

Big jobs requiring heavy equipment are part of the cleaning schedule. Carpet care includes steam cleaning, upholstery care includes stain treatments, and deep housekeeping duties cover school buildings from kitchens and cafeterias to auditoriums and gymnasiums.

4. All Areas Stay Clean

With regular attention from professional cleaning crews, you don’t have to worry about any areas of campus falling off the school cleanliness checklist. You know that students are thriving in a healthy, clean environment that encourages a positive learning experience.

5. Indoor Air Quality Stays Fresh

The EPA has long recognized the importance of indoor air quality in our schools. Maintaining the freshest possible indoor environment depends on keeping your building’s HVAC system healthy with industry certified air duct cleaning. It’s one more big project that a cleaning contractor takes care of on a regular basis.

6. Mold Outbreaks Are Quickly Remediated

The connections between mold exposure and health problems are a special concern in educational settings. Commercial cleaning technicians know what to look out for and how to quickly address and remediate mold growth before it can spread through your school building.

7. Green Cleaning Options Are Available

There are a number of eco-friendly ways to keep a school environment clean, and an experienced cleaning contractor can outline the best choices for your campus. The list of benefits include improved indoor air quality, a safer setting for staff and students and a minimized impact on our planet.

8. Everyone Enjoys a Healthier Building

Professional cleaning technicians handle janitorial duties, deep cleaning and special projects that keep your school building healthy year-round. That means fewer absences for students, fewer sick days for staff and more time for a quality educational experience.

9. Cost-Effective Cleaning Helps the Budget

Teacher days lost to illness add up to more than $25 billion every year, and the cost of substitutes pushes that figure even higher. A professionally cleaned and sanitized school environment helps reduce teacher absences and ease that financial burden on tight budgets.

10. You Have a Partner in Emergencies

The best commercial cleaning companies also offer disaster restoration services. When you hire a cleaning and restoration business to take care of your school, you partner with a highly trained team that can respond to emergencies 24/7 with a full line of restoration capabilities.

We Share Your Commitment

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If you’d like more information about maintaining a clean, healthy campus, we’re happy to outline our certified school cleaning services in detail. If you have experiences you’d like to share as a school facility manager or administrator, we welcome your input through our Comments Section.

Keeping your school clean is a big job, and you tackle the responsibility every day. We share your commitment to providing the best possible learning environment for students all across the city. As one of the most trusted school cleaning companies in Chicago and the suburbs, ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba supports you in every way.