7 Handy Retail Store Cleaning Hacks for Black Friday 2016

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: March 13, 2019

It’s the biggest retail day of the year. You make sure your best staff and sales associates are prepared for the job. Signage goes up, products go on display, and you’re looking forward to a very profitable Black Friday.

You’ve covered all the details, but did you know that retail store cleaning can be your best Black Friday revenue hack?

The impression you make on this one day stays with customers all through the holiday season. Even with backup from a professional retail cleaning service, putting a crowd-pleasing shine on your commercial space takes advanced planning. We can help.

It’s All About Presentation

public restrooms in chicago
                 Clean bathrooms always leave a great first impression

Your store carries the best products at the best prices. Your sales staff and managers elevate customer service to new heights. What could go wrong on the year’s biggest day for retail sales? Have you checked the bathrooms?

It only takes one unpleasant experience to make a lasting negative impression on shoppers. With instant communication across social media, bad news spreads in a flash. If your retail space doesn’t shine, the best products and best prices don’t matter.

You understand the importance of presentation from display windows to sales counters. Retail store cleaning puts that same sense of polish in the gleam of wood and tile floors and the refreshed appearance of furnishings and carpets.

7 Ways to Hack DIY Retail Store Cleaning Strategies

Every successful retail tactic depends on advanced planning, so start putting together your Black Friday revenue hacks now. Take your regular DIY retail store cleaning strategies to the next level so that you’re ready for record sales and happy customers.

1. Keep Entrances Safe

Bad weather and heavy foot traffic can turn dependable floor mats into slipping hazards. Keep shoppers safely on their feet by changing out wet or dirty floor coverings with fresh mats.

2. Make Everything Shine

window cleaning supplies

Stock plenty of paper towels and glass cleaner behind all display cases so that cabinets and glass can be polished as often as needed throughout the day.

3. Delegate Disinfectant Duty

Make sure that touch points like stair railings, door knobs and bathroom fixtures are cleaned frequently. This keeps everything sparkling, and it helps everyone stay healthy.

4. Assign Bathroom Inspections

Make this one a group effort by instructing all employees to double-check conditions with every visit. Keep your plumber’s contact number handy just in case.

5. Increase the Trash Can Population

Place them in every nook and corner, double-bag, and empty often. This keeps crowds from dropping clutter on the floor that can become dangerous tripping hazards.

6. Stress the Importance of Mop Patrol

Explain that mandatory mop patrol helps prevent customer slips and potential lawsuits. Make sure that cleanup supplies for spills are well-stocked and easy to access.

7. Rally the Troops in Advance

Your staff members face one of their busiest sales shifts of the year, so refresh assignment details on specific duties and cleanup areas the day before.

Include Professional Cleaning Too

cleaning store floors

With the right prep, your sales staff keeps things shining and safe for Black Friday crowds. Make employee jobs a little easier by backing their hard work with a thorough, professional retail cleaning service several days in advance.

When you bring in teams of certified cleaning specialists, they take care of pre-Black Friday heavy lifting with these retail store cleaning techniques and more:

• Heavy-duty entrance cleaning with pressure steam equipment powered by truck mounts
• Graffiti removal from all exterior surfaces using specialized steam cleaning techniques
• Thorough scrubbing with special buffing equipment for cleaning and polishing floors
• Deep steam carpet cleaning with special attention to high traffic areas
• Air duct cleaning that ensures a fresh, healthy retail environment

Before, During and After the Holidays

Making shoppers feel welcome starts by surrounding them with sparkling retail spaces. When your store serves as a clean, shining backdrop to products and services, it creates the best possible customer experience.

Keep up the in-house DIY cleaning, and make these latest Black Friday hacks a permanent part of your sales strategies year-round. Shoppers respond when you stand out from the competition with professional pride in your retail presentation.

By offering your best in surroundings that look their best, you invite customers to spend time and money. They might not notice smart cleaning hacks, but they appreciate interiors that reflect the care you put into your business every day.

Making Big Jobs Manageable

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Once you put together solid retail store cleaning strategies, you’re positioned to handle the entire holiday season, and you’re in great shape for next year too. With professional backup from our certified technicians, your biggest seasonal jobs become manageable.

We’re always available to keep your space sparkling with the best commercial cleaning services in Chicago and the suburbs. Put ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba on your team, and count on making the very best impression on customers all year-round.