Post Construction Cleaning Supplies: 5 Essentials You Need to Have

Author: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
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Winding down a successful construction project always feels great. Your crews worked hard, and your client wants to open the doors. Still, you know the site isn’t ready yet. Floors are dirty, trash is piled up, and dust covers everything.

It’s time to tackle construction cleanup duties. Do you have what it takes to get the job done?

Cleaning up a construction site is a big project, but we can help you get on top of it. You need to put together the right supplies and stay organized with a post construction cleanup checklist. We’re happy to share our expertise based on years of service as Chicago’s largest construction cleaning company.

Gear, Supplies and Equipment: Construction Site Cleanup Essentials

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It takes more than brooms, mops and buckets. You need those basics, but you also need an assortment of heavy-duty post construction cleaning supplies, gear and equipment. We break it down into five important categories.

1. Personal Protection Gear

Construction site cleanup can be dangerous work. Fine dust particles and contaminants circulate through the building, and some cleaning compounds contain harsh chemicals. Make sure your crews stay safe tackling post construction cleanup with OSHA-rated personal protection gear.

• Hard hats and heavy gloves
• Wrap around goggles
• Face masks or respirators

2. General Cleaning Products and Supplies

Different types of surfaces and materials require different cleaning products. Heavy disinfectants don’t work on sheetrock, and all-purpose cleaners don’t sanitize bathrooms. Take care of general site cleanup with these products.

• Glass and mirror cleaners, preferably ultra-concentrated and non-ammoniated
• Metal cleaners for surfaces like stainless steel, brass and chrome
• Neutral cleaners with a mild 7 to 8.5 pH for general cleaning
• Oil soaps for wood furniture, paneling and trim
• Sanitizers, disinfects and germicidal cleaners that also deodorize

3. Carpet and Floor Cleaning Products

Once you’ve vacuumed and swept the job site, deep clean carpets and hard floors. Follow up with treatments that polish and seal wood and laminated floors, protect carpet fibers from stains and minimize scuffing on vinyl. The following post construction cleaning supplies are essentials for floor cleanup and finishing.


• Pre-treatment products for heavily soiled carpets
• Stain-removing cleaners for stubborn spots
• Detergents and shampoos appropriate for different fibers
• Optional stain-resistant treatment products


• Non-solvent based cleaners for linoleum
• Finishing products formulated for vinyl
• Cleaners for hardwood floors and laminates
• Sealants specific to hardwood floor types
• Hardwood and laminate polishing products

4. Carpet and Floor Cleaning Equipment

Before you rent wet-dry vacs or steam cleaners at a home improvement store, think about the square footage you have to cover. Commercial cleaning companies use heavy-duty equipment designed to efficiently take care of big jobs. Look for these floor-care muscle machines at rental companies that specialize in industrial-grade cleaning equipment.

• Heavy-duty wet-dry vacs with 15 to 20 gallon capacities
• Carpet extractor machines with at least 9 gallon capacities
• Floor scrubbing machines with changeable pads for different surfaces
• Floor waxing, buffing and polishing equipment

5. Additional Post Construction Cleaning Equipment

General post construction cleanup equipment ranges from ladders and wheelbarrows to scrubbing brushes and microfiber cloths. In addition to the basics, you’ll want to rent these power equipment essentials that make site cleanup quicker and easier.

• Industrial air movers for drying floors and carpets
• Exterior cold and hot water power washers
• Air duct vacuum cleaning systems
• Multi-purpose vapor steam cleaners

Always Have a Backup

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You stay successful in your field because you stay prepared for all job contingencies. Extend that strategy by partnering with a commercial cleaning company. When you’re not positioned to finish construction cleanup duties, you have dependable backup. The advantages of relying on a cleaning contractor easily add up to saved time and money.

• Your crews move on to the next project more quickly.
• You know final inspection will please the client.
• A commercial cleaning company can handle emergencies.
• You can count on a partner who helps streamline all your jobs.

We’re Ready and at Your Service

Combine our supply and equipment guide with our post construction cleanup checklist, and you have a solid framework for putting the finishing shine on any project. If you’d like to share your ideas about site cleanup, let us know through our Comments Section. We always welcome your input.

When you want to leave job cleanup and detail work to someone else, give us a call. Our teams here at ServiceMaster Restoration are ready to tackle any project anywhere in the city and suburbs. We’re proud of our reputation as the best construction cleaning company in Chicago, and we’re at your service.