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fire damaged building chicago

What Should I Do After a Business Fire?

It’s so hard to handle the aftermath of a property fire. It’s even more difficult to deal with the chaos when it impacts your workplace, your employees and your financial security. You hope it never happens, but you need to be prepared. Knowing what to do after a business fire gets you and your workforce […]

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flooded bathroom

Flooded Bathroom? Here Are 10 Essential Steps to Recovery

Clogged toilets can happen in the best-kept homes. Busy families can forget someone’s filling up the tub. A pipe can freeze during the night and burst before you’re awake. From faulty plumbing to a sewage backup, it doesn’t take much to flood the bathroom. Before you grab a mop, ask yourself a quick question: Do […]

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basement flooded chicago home

How to Prevent a Flooded Basement: A 10 Step Guide by Water Damage Experts

If you were anywhere near the city last June, you remember the severe storms and flooding that shut down Eisenhower Expressway. The river was out of its banks, and we had two tornado warnings that night. As Chicago’s leading restoration contractor, our teams were busy after the deluge answering calls from folks with flooded basements. We cleaned […]

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man sneezing indoor air

The Best Way to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Office Buildings

From customers browsing their favorite store to clients at the conference table, your building’s indoor air quality impacts business on a daily basis. Whether you own a retail outlet or manage a high-rise, you understand the importance of providing customers and employees with a healthy environment. As the leading contractor for commercial cleaning services in […]

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black mold behind wallpaper

Mold Warning Signs: What You Need to Know

The house is spotless, and you don’t hear any alarms or see flashing lights. How can you know if there’s a mold problem growing in your home? Mold isn’t sneaky, but it’s very efficient at reproducing in all kinds of environments. When you understand mold warning signs, you gain the upper hand in combating this […]

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ice dam leaking

Ice Dam Removal Strategies – What You Need to Know

Heavy snow, freezing temperatures and winter winds take a toll on the roof. Add ice dams to this winter equation, and you have a frozen phenomenon that threatens the integrity of shingles, eaves and gutters. Are you ready to get out the ladder and head up to the roof to remove your ice dams? We […]

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restaurant fire sprinkler system

How to Prevent Your Fire Sprinkler System from Freezing

This winter has been a little warmer than we’re used to, but February means that we’re only halfway through the chilly season. You never know when temperatures are going to plummet, so it’s important to make sure that the pipes in your home’s fire sprinkler system are ready for freezing weather. Getting caught off guard […]

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burst pipe who to call

Burst Water Pipe on Your Property: Prepare Yourself Today

If you only count dollars, the damage tops hundreds of millions every year. Add to that the loss of time, business and potential customers or tenants. When a winter freeze causes a burst water pipe on property that you’re responsible for, the results can be overwhelming. Even the best commercial building maintenance routines can’t always […]

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rebuild house after fire

What to Do If Your House is on Fire: 8 Steps to Safety

Before you assume that you’re prepared for a fire in your home, think about the numbers. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, a home fire was reported every 86 seconds in 2014. Structural fires resulted in 13,425 injuries, 2,860 deaths and $9.8 billion in property damage. Just to put these numbers in perspective: in the […]

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bad news woman health

The Shocking Truth about Mold and Your Health

The cleanest homes are vulnerable, the problem is usually hidden, and your health can be compromised. Mold presents a challenge because it often goes unnoticed until the family begins to feel its effects. Even then, you might mistake coughing and itchy eyes as reactions to seasonal changes. We understand your concerns about the impact of […]

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thawing frozen pipe

Prevent Frozen Pipes: 4 Steps to Insulate Pipes Like a Pro

Turning off the alarm clock as you climb out of a warm bed on a winter morning isn’t always easy. Realizing that a frozen pipe burst while you were sleeping turns waking up into a miserable day soaked with problems. Can you find a plumber who’s available for emergency pipe repair service? Will your insurance […]

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Avoid Freezing Pipes: Check these Areas of Your Home

Nothing prepares you for the shock of waking up to water all over the floors. If a frozen pipe burst while you were sleeping, you have to deal with the flood, contact a pipe repair service and start thinking about water damage repair. This all happens before you put on the coffee, and even that […]

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Lift the Load of Your Entrepreneurial Shoulders

As a determined small business owner, you’re tackling everything on your own. It’s your operation, and no one can run things with the same commitment that you pour into the job every day. Common sense is one of your better traits, and it’s telling you that you’re taking on too much. You need to let […]

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