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fire damaged building chicago

What Should I Do After a Business Fire?

It’s so hard to handle the aftermath of a property fire. It’s even more difficult to deal with the chaos when it impacts your workplace, your employees and your financial security. You hope it never happens, but you need to be prepared. Knowing what to do after a business fire gets you and your workforce […]

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flooded bathroom

Flooded Bathroom? Here Are 10 Essential Steps to Recovery

Clogged toilets can happen in the best-kept homes. Busy families can forget someone’s filling up the tub. A pipe can freeze during the night and burst before you’re awake. From faulty plumbing to a sewage backup, it doesn’t take much to flood the bathroom. Before you grab a mop, ask yourself a quick question: Do […]

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basement flooded chicago home

How to Prevent a Flooded Basement: A 10 Step Guide by Water Damage Experts

If you were anywhere near the city last June, you remember the severe storms and flooding that shut down Eisenhower Expressway. The river was out of its banks, and we had two tornado warnings that night. As Chicago’s leading restoration contractor, our teams were busy after the deluge answering calls from folks with flooded basements. We cleaned […]

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basement flooded chicago home

Your Flooded Basement: 5 DIY Steps to Recovery

The basement is flooded. The sump pump isn’t working, and your things are starting to float. Whether you’re dealing with burst pipes or torrential rainfall, a flooded basement is a soggy nightmare. Where do you start? What do you do? We’ve put together this guide based on our field experiences as Chicago’s leader in flooded basement cleanup. […]

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spring summer cleaning

How to Make Your Spring Cleaning a Fun Family Activity

It’s time to give the house its annual spring cleaning, but you shouldn’t have to do it all by yourself. How do you motivate the family to pitch in? The job goes so much faster with happy, helping hands. What does it take to keep a smile on faces as they sweep and dust? As the leading […]

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house on fire damaged

The Shocking Truth About Modern Homes and Fire Safety

The smoke alarms are strategically positioned. You test them regularly, and you change their batteries on schedule. You practice evacuation plans several times a year, and you’ve established smart fire prevention habits. You go to bed each night knowing that you’ve done your best to keep your home safe from the trauma of a sudden disaster […]

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fixing leaking toilet plumber

How to Stop a Leaking Toilet: 3 Effective Step-by-Step Steps

A leaky toilet drives up the water bill, and it sets the stage for soaked flooring, rotted baseboards and moldy sheetrock – so you have to deal with this issue fast! A leaking toilet isn’t a complicated piece of equipment. You can take care of leaks by yourself, but you have to pinpoint their source. […]

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chicago home cleaning services

Looking for Cleaning Services? A Step-By-Step Guide

You never consider an investment without understanding what you’re getting into. You take pride in gathering as much information as possible before making big decisions. When you’re looking for cleaning services for your commercial property, those same smart strategies apply. As Chicago’s leading commercial cleaning services company, we know that potential clients want to cover […]

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mold in house

Black Mold Removal: How to Get Rid of It in 10 Steps

It can start with a slow leak inside the wall or an area in the bathroom that always stays damp. You might not notice it until it turns into unsightly splotches, but black mold can begin growing on surfaces in as little as 24 hours. While you want to clean it up right away, you […]

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boy plays with fire

Fire Safety for Kids: What Should Parents Know About?

Protecting your children’s lives is a basic instinct. You don’t need to be trained to react when they’re in harm’s way. You do all that you can to be aware of the dangers that can threaten them. As a parent, you understand your responsibility to protect them from risks that they’re too young to understand […]

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high rise restoration skyline

High-Rise Maintenance: 3 Ways to Flood-Proof Your Building

Its size and tenant population make your high-rise building a challenge to manage on a daily basis. Whether it houses residential, retail or office space, you constantly deal with routine maintenance, cleaning and repairs. Even when things run smoothly, your position as property owner or manager keeps you busy. Coping with water damage in your […]

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running water in sink

How to Unclog A Drain: 3 Powerful Tools to Tackle the Job

In a perfect world, the toilet would always flush with a healthy swoosh. Bathtub drains wouldn’t slow down, and the kitchen sink wouldn’t ever turn into a puddle. Your busy life would never be interrupted by clogged drains, but don’t despair when it happens. While you understand the basics about how to unclog a drain, […]

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How to Take Back Your Home After a Fire: 8 Vital Steps

A home fire can occur with very little warning and cause extensive damage to the house and your personal belongings. No matter how well you prepare for this kind of emergency, it’s an overwhelming experience. In an earlier post, we covered the essential steps to take when a fire breaks out in your home, but dealing with the aftermath […]

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