Our 10-Step Flooded Basement Cleanup Approach

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You can take care of puddles with a mop, but it’s very difficult to deal with several inches or feet of water standing in the basement. Serious flooding downstairs creates a dangerous situation for your property and your personal safety.

When basement flooding gets too risky for you to handle, how does ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba tackle this hazardous mess?

We take care of flooded basement cleanup in Chicago and the suburbs on a regular basis. Area residents and business owners know that they can trust us to get the job done quickly, and we do it with professional attention to every detail.

Our 10-Step Flooded Basement Cleanup Process

While you can sometimes address minor basement flooding on your own, the work is very labor-intensive (and now and then outright dangerous) . Our 10-step process covers all aspects of cleanup from initial inspection to final reconstruction.

1. Determine the Source

We start your recovery with a property inspection that identifies the cause of your basement flooding. We determine the source, quickly develop an action plan and explain all necessary repairs.

If the flooding involves sewage backup, we take special precautions necessary for dealing with biohazardous waste.

2. Notify Your Insurance Company

Property owners are often surprised to learn that the source of basement flooding can affect their insurance policy coverage.

As a preferred Quality Restoration Vendor, we enjoy solid professional relationships with local and national carriers, so we help you navigate the claims process.

3. Start Work Right Away

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You don’t have to wait for us to get back to you in a few days or weeks. We’re ready to start basement flood cleanup and restoration when we arrive at your front door.

Our fleet vans are fully stocked with the equipment and gear necessary to begin your recovery immediately.

4. Extract and Repair

Our teams use a combination of truck mounts and high performance extractors to remove standing water from your basement. The equipment is highly effective on both hard flooring, carpets and concrete.

Once we’ve cleared out the water, we take care of repairs to address the source of your basement flooding.

5. Pull Up Soaked Flooring

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Wet carpet needs to be pulled up as soon as possible to minimize the chance of a mold outbreak in its fiber and backing. We also pull up the padding and determine how much material can be saved.

Our IICRC-certified technicians can often restore both carpet and padding to their original condition.

6. Address Sheetrock, Baseboards and Insulation

Exposed to less than 1 inch of flood water, sheetrock wicks moisture through its structure, begins to buckle and contaminates insulation. Soaked baseboards swell, and wall framing becomes water-damaged.

We tear out all affected materials, salvage as much as possible and clear the way for restoration.

7. Clean, Sanitize and Recover

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From steam cleaning carpets to sanitizing materials exposed to sewage, our process covers everything in your basement.

We use specialized equipment designed for heavy-duty property cleanup, and we work with industry-proven products formulated to sanitize and recover furnishings and belongings.

8. Dry, Dehumidify and Freshen

Completely drying out the basement and your belongings usually takes between three and five days. We set up large-scale air movers, axial fans and dehumidifiers to speed up the process.

Our high-tech air scrubbers remove odors and airborne contaminants so that your basement smells fresh again.

9. Identify Mold Problems

When leaky plumbing or foundation seepage causes basement flooding, we find that 80 percent of these situations also present serious mold problems.

Our services cover mold removal, and we follow up with proven remediation techniques that prevent its return.

10. Reconstruct Your Basement

Working with both you and your insurance company, we determine the extent of reconstruction necessary and the scope of your coverage. Most projects take an average of two weeks to finalize.

It’s our goal to completely restore your basement to its original condition (or even better!) from flooring and walls to fixtures and furnishings.

Our Best Power Tips

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Almost everyone here in the city uses their basement for storage, and that accounts for a very large part of the loss that follows a flooding incident.

We’ve previously detailed strategies to prevent basement flooding, but here’s a quick overview for guidance.

• Keep belongings off the floor by stacking them on crates or wall shelving.
• Regularly check your property’s foundation for any cracks that can lead to basement flooding.
• Make sump pump maintenance a part of your routine around the house or your business.
• When weather forecasts predict storms and heavy rain, double down on routine property checks.

We Make Our Customers Really Happy

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You can trust our process for basement flood cleanup because we always provide so much more than other restoration companies. Our technicians address all necessary repairs, we take care of mold remediation, and we help you deal with your insurance carrier.

We stay ahead of the competition by delivering the very best flooded basement cleanup in Chicago and the suburbs.

When the downstairs fills up with water, you need a team that you can depend on. You can count on ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba to answer your call for help 24/7.

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