New Bottom-Line Hack: Cleaning Walls of Your Business

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: October 31, 2023

You like to take care of things yourself, and you always keep your business looking its best. The last time you gave the place a good cleaning, you did a great job. Everything shined from floor to ceiling.

Did your hard work include cleaning the walls?

Most commercial cleaning services cover this often-overlooked chore, but it’s a job that you can usually handle on your own. We shared some of our favorite tips for office cleaning in Chicago business settings with an earlier post, so let’s add a little more knowledge to your DIY bottom-line hack files.

Clean Walls Really Do Matter

As customers and employees walk through your business, they don’t pay attention to the walls. The floor-to-ceiling partitions seem invisible until they start looking grimy. Customers don’t really notice it, but it just affects the overall experience.
It takes time, but all interiors eventually get dingy. Sometimes, a slip on the floor sends a cup of coffee flying, and you’re looking at a big, ugly stain. Clean walls really do matter in your business because:

• They brighten up your property’s interiors.
• Dust-free walls contribute to healthier indoor air quality.
• Employees are happier working in a well-kept environment.
• Clean walls give customers the right first impression about your business.

Try the Paper-Towel Test

If you think the walls in your business are clean, try this quick test. Rub a damp paper towel across wall sections up high and near the floor. Visible dirt on the paper towel is a sure sign that it’s time to clean the walls.

1. Prep Makes the Job Easier

• Before you start washing, pre-clean wall surfaces with your vacuum’s dust brush attachment.
• You’ll need two large cellulose sponges and two buckets: one setup for washing and another for rinsing.
• Cover adjacent flooring with old newspapers, and be sure to protect spaces between walls and baseboards.
• Test a small, unobtrusive area to make sure that your cleaning doesn’t cause any damage.

Power Tip: Looping brightly colored rubber bands around the rinse bucket handle prevents accidental mix-ups between washing and rinsing water.

2. Rub, Don’t Scrub

• Using a mild detergent soap and water mixture, start at the top of the wall, and work your way down.
• Sponge clean an area with soapy water, but avoid saturating the wall surface.
• Gently rub in a circular motion, and break the work into sections.
• Always rinse off soapy water with the clear water sponge immediately.
• As you finish an area, thoroughly dry it with a soft, clean cloth

Power Tip: If you need a stronger washing solution, try adding 1 cup of ammonia, a half-cup of vinegar or a quarter-cup of baking soda to 1 gallon of warm water.

3. Use Smart Spot-Cleaning Strategies

• Gently buff stubborn spots with a paste of baking soda and water followed by a thorough rinse and drying.
• Try an old toothbrush loaded with regular non-gel toothpaste, and be sure to rinse well when done.
• Rub spots with a pencil eraser, but work gently without applying too much pressure.
• Cut a small opening in a tennis ball, attach it to a broom handle, and buff away spots on walls and floors.

When In Doubt, Call a Professional

We know that you understand the importance of testing a small area of wall before you begin. If you’re unhappy with the results, consider hiring a professional cleaning company. Certified technicians approach difficult projects with industry-approved equipment and products that protect wall surfaces.

Often, flat paints and wallpapers need specialized care. If you’re uncertain about how to proceed, talk with a cleaning contractor first. He can advise you on the safest ways to treat different surfaces. When you’re not sure about the situation, it’s best to arm yourself with expert information.

Making Your Business Shine

When your business shines, it reflects the pride you put into it every day. We’re always happy to help with tips on everything from cleaning walls to dealing with dirty carpets.

If you have a topic you’d like us to cover, just let us know through our Comments Section.

We’re here to back up your efforts with a full line of commercial cleaning services, and we take care of all kinds of business settings. Whether you run a small outfit or manage a corporate campus, you can rely on ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba for the very best professional office cleaning across Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.