Need Water Damage Restoration in Chicago? 5 Steps to Take Now [VIDEO]

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: December 5, 2018

Water damage to your property can happen so fast here in Chicago. We deal with unpredictable weather, live in flood zones and manage through freezing winters. The aftermath can be overwhelming, so we do all we can to stay prepared.

Have you ever looked down into a basement filled with storm water? Do you know what to do when frozen burst pipes flood your home or business? It’s important to develop a quick action plan now before the next wave of severe weather hits the city.

When your property and belongings are in harm’s way, every minute counts. We know because we have years of experience handling water damage restoration all across Chicago. The city’s website,, is a great resource for information about what to expect during area flooding and how you can minimize your risk. We want to help too.

You can’t stop torrential rain or a bone-chilling blizzard, but you can secure your property and your personal safety with five simple steps. When you’re suddenly facing extensive water damage, you can take control.

First, you need to shut down the water supply coming into the house or your business. The shutoff valve is usually a yellow or red wheel attached to a riser pipe in the basement, the garage or the alley. Turning the wheel clockwise shuts off your water.

Step two is critical. Turn off your property’s electricity at the fuse box. The main switch is either a large circuit breaker or a pull handle. Be careful. If you have to stand in any amount of water to reach the box, this step becomes too dangerous. Call the city, and explain your emergency.

Once you’ve shut down the water and electricity, you’re ready for step four: damage assessment. As much as you want to start cleaning up, slow down. Document everything first. Take pictures of personal belongings, appliances and electronics. Include shots of water-damaged floors, walls and ceilings. When it’s time to deal with your insurance company, you’ll be ready to back up your claim with solid evidence of your losses.

Step four is all about rescue. As you begin sorting through things, don’t let the mess get you down. Special treasures like photos, family documents and even artwork can often be saved by restoration specialists. From water-damaged furniture to waterlogged carpets, almost everything can be cleaned and salvaged with the right techniques.

Your final step five is all about recovery. You want to get things dried out, cleaned up and back to normal as soon as possible. You probably need repairs, and you may also need mold remediation. That’s where we come in. Our teams here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba have years of experience delivering certified water damage restoration to Chicago property owners, managers and renters.

We’re proud of all the positive reviews that back up our solid reputation. We’re here for you 24/7 with a guaranteed response time of 45 minutes. Everyone does their best to stay prepared for the worst. When it happens to you, don’t wait. Call us here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba right away.