Looking for Cleaning Services? Why Reviews Matter

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: December 7, 2020

It’s hard to believe, but there was a time when hiring commercial cleaning services could turn into a big job on its own. Today, you simply visit a company’s website to find out what they offer. You can also take a look at dozens of other cleaning businesses that provide the same services.

How do you sort out the best from all the rest?

The answer to this question is just a few clicks away. Online review sites like Yelp and Google+ give you a candid look at cleaning contractors through the eyes of current and former customers. Positive and negatives posts come from people who believe that their experiences are worth sharing.

When you’re looking for cleaning services, online reviews provide honest answers to these important questions.

1. Does the Company do a Good Job?

It takes time to sign on to a review site and post about a cleaning company. Business owners and building managers don’t bother unless they have a strong opinion, and most of their reviews focus on the quality of work delivered.

When the majority of their experiences are positive, you can trust that the company does a good job.

2. Can You Expect Solid Customer Support?

online review Yelp

Often, reviews about customer service swing from rants to raves. Trust your common sense, and use a little online savvy. Always pay attention to posts that get thumbs-up for usefulness.

A commercial cleaning business that consistently treats customers well earns positive reviews that are quickly shared online.

3. Will the Contractor Deliver as Advertised?

If a company offers upholstery cleaning as part of its services, customers expect fresh fabric on sofas and chairs. If that company doesn’t deliver, some customers communicate their disappointment online.

As you read reviews, pay attention to details that indicate how well a commercial cleaning business delivers on its promises.

4. Are Schedules Ever a Problem?

Whether you own a retail outlet or manage an office building, you keep clients happy with a dependable timetable. When you read through a review site, type “schedule” in your browser’s search function to highlight helpful posts.

Cleaning contractors who work with their customers to accommodate business hours always get high marks.

5. Does the Company Have Limits?

no job too big

Not all commercial cleaning companies handle big jobs. Keep an eye out for reviews that describe how a cleaning business responds to unusual projects.

You might not need mold remediation now, but why not hire a company that can handle any type of cleanup job?

6. Does the Company Offer Specialized Cleaning?

Different businesses pose different cleaning challenges, so how do you find a contractor who handles high rises, restaurants or hotel and hospitality facilities? Take a look at trade forums for your industry, and note discussions that cover positive experiences with cleaning contractors.

These online communities are also an excellent source for reviews from businesses that share your unique cleaning needs.

7. Are Pricing Schedules Competitive?

Online review sites are great for quickly comparing the cost of services between different cleaning contractors. You can easily see which businesses offer competitive pricing, and you can also gauge the value of their services from positive and negative posts.

Sometimes, the company with higher rates delivers a higher level of service, so compare prices, but weigh opinions too.

8. Can You Count on Emergency Services?

count on us

The best cleaning contractors offer emergency services for everything from fire and smoke damage to trauma scene cleanup. When a business owner has a positive experience with a company that handles emergencies, this often get shared through industry trade forums and online review sites.

As you consider which cleaning contractor to hire, it’s good to know which ones offer solid 24/7 services. When in need, it’s good to have existing relationships with contractors that can help you out.

9. How does the Company Owner Value Your Business?

A successful commercial cleaning contractor knows the importance of good online communication. He acknowledges positive reviews with a thank you and handles negative comments with a respectful response.

When a cleaning company’s owner takes the time to reply to reviews, you know that he respects and values client input.

10. Are You Really Getting the Best?

Business owners post online reviews when they’re motivated by outstanding service. They want to share their experiences with other individuals in their industry. If a commercial cleaning company consistently gets high marks across at least three review sites, you can hire with confidence.

Once you’re satisfied with the service, be sure to let others know about it too.

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