Looking for Cleaning Services? A Step-By-Step Guide

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: April 19, 2023

You never consider an investment without understanding what you’re getting into. You take pride in gathering as much information as possible before making big decisions. When you’re looking for cleaning services for your commercial property, those same smart strategies apply.

As Chicago’s leading commercial cleaning services company, we know that potential clients want to cover as much ground as possible when they interview us for our services. Based on our experience, we’ve put together these ten steps that help keep your hiring process on the right track.

Step 1 – Tune into Reviews

As you start an online search for commercial cleaning companies, focus on those that show up on impartial review sites. Google+ and Yelp are good sources for positive and negative comments. While the feedback should be weighed as opinions, it still gives you a good overview of how well a cleaning service satisfies its clients.

Step 2 – Pay an Online Visit

While it’s great to have recommendations from other property owners and facility managers, verify important information as you narrow down your choices. Visit each company’s website, and look for details about locations, services offered and years of experience as well as contact and quote forms. A business that’s proud and confident about its work also includes client testimonials.

Step 3 – Listen While You Interview

As a company’s representative outlines cleaning services in detail, pay attention to what he says about fellow staff and team members. Does he express pride in their workmanship and dedication to the job? If so, then you know you’re dealing with an organization that values its employees and helps them bring their best to every project.

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Step 4 – Confirm Your Protection

You expect a cleaning company to carefully screen their staff and technicians before hiring. Ask about the contractor’s policies for verifying employee backgrounds, and confirm that everyone on staff is insured and bonded. An established commercial cleaning company is always careful to hire the best possible people.

Step 5 – Explain Your Expectations

Go into detail about the type of cleaning that you expect at your property. The best cleaning contractor offers a full range of services, and he’s willing to develop a custom a plan that suits your location and your budget. He makes suggestions specific to your building type, and he tailors scheduling to fit your timetable.

Step 6 – Ask About the Extras

hand commercial upholstery cleaning As you outline the services that you need, ask about additional work that might not be included in the company’s standard pricing. Find out the cost of extras like upholstery and carpet cleaning, stain treatments and air duct cleaning. Some companies include these types of services in their long-term contracts, and a reputable cleaning contractor is happy to explain the details.

Step 7 – Look for Industry Certification

If a cleaning contractor’s business is part of a national franchise, he’s earned his affiliation by meeting rigorous goals over a long period of time. Look for certifications from industry standard developing organizations that ensure employees’ high levels of training and commitment to ongoing education in their field.

Step 8 – Expect Emergency Capabilities

Larger cleaning services have in-house divisions that respond to water and fire damage emergencies. This 24/7 backup can significantly reduce property loss after a disaster. If the company you’re considering offers emergency cleanup and restoration services, you know that you have a team you can rely on in case the worst happens.

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Step 9 – Be Comfortable with Your Contract

Always read a service agreement before you sign, and ask for detailed answers when you have questions. An honest commercial cleaning contractor explains all pricing so that you clearly understand his rates. If you don’t want to commit to a long-term arrangement, ask if he offers month-to-month services. If you need cleaning for multiple properties, ask about possible discounts.

Step 10 – Trust in Pride and Value

Chances are good that your final prospects have quite a bit in common because they all fit your criteria for a good hire. Now’s the time to trust yourself to make a decision based on something more than information and figures. Go with the cleaning company that takes professional pride in its work, shows that it values its employees and makes you feel comfortable with its overall business model.

Hire with Confidence

commercial cleaning tech entering

Whether you need commercial cleaning services for a single storefront or multiple properties, you want to hire with confidence. We want you to make a choice that fits your business and your budget, so we hope that you find our guide helpful. Just let us know through our Comments Section if you’d like more information.

We’re always available to discuss the details of our cleaning services for Chicago commercial properties, so we invite you to give us a call here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba. Whether you need whole building or individual office cleaning in Chicago, you can always count on our services as a smart investment in your business.