Job Site Cleanup: 10 Reasons to Let Specialists do the Work

Author: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
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Your construction company stays busy because you’re very good at what you do. You bring years of industry experience to every job. Clients expect you to deliver your best with a finished project that’s turn-key ready.

How much easier would it be if you left construction site cleanup to specially trained professionals?

If you’re still doing it all yourself, it’s time to consider an approach that helps you finish projects quickly and efficiently. New construction cleaning services make sure your customers are completely satisfied with final results inside and outside their new buildings.

10 Ways Professional Job Site Cleanup Saves Time and Money

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Just like you, a professional commercial cleaning company is deeply committed to client satisfaction. That means taking care of all construction site cleanup so that you can smoothly transition to the next project while saving time and money.

1. You Benefit From Industry Expertise

There’s so much more to this type of cleanup than sweeping floors and hauling trash. A cleaning contractor brings in highly trained, certified specialists who get the job done safely and efficiently using the latest industry techniques.

2. It’s Less Expensive Than DIY

The cost of hiring a post-construction cleaning service balances favorably against the expense of using your own crews. By calling in a cleanup company, you free up your teams so that they can move on to the next job.

3. There’s No Investment in Extra Equipment

Consider the price tags on heavy-duty cleaning equipment. Add in outlays for specially formulated products. It’s a substantial investment in an industry-specific arsenal that makes up the tools of the trade for a cleaning contractor.

4. The Cleanup Company Deals With Disposal Regulations

Not all construction debris can be hauled off to the nearest landfill. Illinois has strict codes covering the disposal of different building materials. An experienced job site cleanup contractor safely operates within all state and local regulations.

5. Duct Cleaning Is Part of the Job

The dust generated by construction settles everywhere, and it’s especially hard on ventilation systems and HVAC equipment. The best job site cleanup services include duct cleaning, and that gives you a jump on establishing important indoor air quality after project completion.

6. Problems Can’t Hide From Professionals

Professional cleaning crews know where to look and what to look for. New closets, cabinets and built-in shelving are checked for leftover construction debris. From the tiniest tear in flooring to a small leak under a sink, cleaning technicians catch and solve last-minute problems.

7. Everything Gets Cleaned Inside and Out

A construction cleanup contractor takes care of everything from power washing sidewalks to detailing baseboard trim. Surfaces are cleaned, windows are shined, fixtures are polished, and carpets are shampooed. Your finished project is ready for client move-in day.

8. You Can Elevate Your Green Profile

Make your commitment to best environmental practices with a cleaning company that understands how to navigate Chicago’s construction and demolition recycling programs. Customers notice and appreciate builders who follow local, eco-friendly policies.

9. It’s Easier to Hit Schedule Targets

Often, it helps to have cleaning crews clear large areas in between building phases. This strategy gives your teams plenty of room to work and makes it easier to hit important schedule targets. When the job’s finally completed, you can depend on a cleanup contractor to help make sure the property is client-ready.

10. You Have a New Partner

The best cleaning companies also offer a full range of remediation and recovery services. If you ever face the aftermath of an on-site fire or a plumbing disaster, your construction cleanup specialist is there with an emergency response that helps restore your work and the customer’s property.

Sharing and Meeting Your Goals

construction cleaning chicago Bringing in a cleaning contractor at the end of a project doesn’t have to depend on job size. A professional service takes care of major construction site cleanup as well as renovations and remodels. You don’t worry about interiors or exteriors because your new building is clean from floor to ceiling and sidewalk to entryway.

An experienced cleaning business meets the demands of your timetable with teams available at your convenience. You want to work with someone who understands the importance of solid scheduling and speed to market. The best cleaning contractor shares your goals and knows how to meet them.

Satisfying You and Your Clients

Your hands are always full, so why not lighten the load? Our teams take care of final details from hauling trash to sanitizing bathrooms. We’d like to know what you expect from new construction cleaning services, so we  invite your input here through our Comments Section.

When you’re ready to hire, you want one of the most trusted construction cleanup companies in Chicago and the suburbs. We’re proud of our reputation as the best, and we earn it in the field every day. With ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba on the job, you and your clients are always satisfied with the final results.