The Importance of Cleanliness in Hotels: Beyond Housekeeping

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: March 13, 2019

The standards for sanitation in the hotel industry are extremely high. As a general manager, it’s your responsibility to meet and exceed them around the clock. Your housekeeping staff works hard, but they can’t cover everything, and you can’t ask other departments to pitch in.

How do you bridge the gap between routine housekeeping duties covered by staff and the heavy work that keeps your property in top condition?

You partner with a restoration contractor who provides hotel cleaning services that go above and beyond regular housekeeping. It’s a proven solution for maintaining critical cleanliness in hotels, and it’s good for business.

Why Hotels Need Commercial Cleaning Expertise

happy hotel guests

The importance of hygiene and sanitation in hotels is one of the most essential priorities for general managers and department heads. Professional cleaning services help you exceed cleanliness goals by ensuring:

• Guest satisfaction with all areas of your property from entrances to workout facilities.
• Positive comments on review sites across all social media channels.
• Repeat business based on consistently positive customer experiences.
• Backup for those times when on-site housekeeping staff is short-handed.
• Dependably clean facilities that appeal to business and convention guests.
• An inviting, sanitary environment for both hotel guests and in-house staff.

Going Beyond the Reach of Housekeeping

hotel carpet cleaning

As hard as your housekeeping staff works, some jobs are just too big. Many monthly and semi-annual cleaning projects require industry specific techniques, specialized products and heavy equipment. A commercial cleaning and restoration company takes care of it all with:

• Power washing services that keep parking, sidewalks and entrances clean and welcoming.
• Industry proven solutions for eliminating unpleasant odors anywhere on the property.
• HVAC system duct cleaning to maintain fresh, healthy indoor air quality.
• Deep steam cleaning for carpets with focused attention on high-traffic hallways.
• Upholstery and fabric cleaning and stain removal for furnishings and drapes.
• Expert care for commercial flooring like hardwood, tile and marble.

Additional Benefits for All Types of Properties

Regardless of your property’s size or type, you understand the importance of cleanliness in the hotel industry. Working with a cleaning contractor helps you meet the highest guest expectations and enjoy additional benefits including:

• Backup crews to support in-house staff with cleanup after large on-site events.
• Substantial savings from not having to invest in specialized cleaning equipment.
• Custom schedule development that ensures regular visits don’t disrupt daily operations.
• The knowledge that all work is performed by highly trained, industry certified technicians.

Emergency Services on Call 24/7

When you partner with an established commercial cleaning company, you’re assured of emergency restoration services that help your property quickly recover from any type of water and fire damage. You can also count on certified mold inspections, removal and remediation.

The importance of cleanliness in the hotel industry is a priority for general managers 24/7. Working with a cleaning contractor gives you access to professional teams around the clock who provide expert emergency services like trauma scene cleanup and graffiti removal.

When you’re faced with a situation that needs immediate attention, your hotel cleaning contractor is just a phone call away. That kind of security makes it easier to deal with on-site emergencies, and that makes it easier to take care of both your guests and staff.

Your Partner With Proven Solutions

hotel cleaning team

Bringing in professional hotel cleaning services makes housekeeping’s job a little easier, and it helps make sure that every guest looks forward to booking a future reservation. Your property stays fresh and spotless from entrances and hallways to conference rooms and event facilities.

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