How to Deal With a Meth House: 5 Critical Tips for Property Managers

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: February 14, 2024

When you own or manage rental properties, you rely on your experience to stay ahead of potential problems. Whether you do the work yourself or count on trusted crews, your properties stay in good shape.

Do you know how to deal with meth lab decontamination at a rental property?

It’s a landlord’s nightmare because damages are so extensive and remediation requires handling hazardous materials. If you know what to expect, it’s easier to face this kind of situation. We offer these tips based on our years serving as Chicago’s leading meth lab cleanup company.

Dealing With Meth Lab Decontamination: What You Need to Know

You can’t anticipate someone setting up a meth lab inside your residential or commercial rental. You can be aware of the signs that indicate illegal activity. It’s also important to understand your responsibilities as a landlord as well as aspects of the problem that are beyond your control.

1. Be on the Lookout

Taken by themselves, drawn curtains, foul odors or unknown visitors at odd hours don’t confirm the presence of a meth lab in your rental property. Still, trust your impressions. These factors combined with behavior that seems secretive should raise suspicion.

If neighbors complain about chemical smells, check trash cans on the property. If you find empty containers of over-the-counter medications, used fuel canisters and respiratory masks, contact the Chicago Police Department.

2. Assess Your Responsibility

Never confront a suspected meth operation. Notify the authorities, and let them handle the situation. If individuals are manufacturing meth inside your rental property, they pose a very real threat to you and the neighbors.

Once authorities address the illegal activity, they gather up evidence as required by law. However, they don’t restore the premises. You’re left with an apartment or warehouse contaminated with dangerous fumes and chemicals. It’s your responsibility to secure the property and clean up the mess.

3. Understand the Meth Lab Process

It’s called speed, ice, crank and P. Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug that’s easily manufactured with over-the-counter medications and ordinary chemical compounds. The cooking process involves basic lab equipment, and it produces deadly vapors.

These airborne chemicals permeate walls, floors, ceilings and furniture. Meth production results in a fine dust that settles into carpets, drapes and personal belongings. Spilled chemicals add another layer of contamination to both interior and exterior environments.

4. Recognize the Danger

P lab decontamination is a dangerous type of hazardous material cleanup that requires industry certification. The technicians who tackle this kind of work are highly trained in handling volatile, explosive and caustic chemicals.

In addition to chemical contamination, a meth lab is often overrun with insect and rodent infestations. It’s very common to find interiors covered with filth and littered with trash, broken glass and used hypodermic needles. Technicians involved in the remediation process must wear heavy-duty protective gear including full face masks and respirators.

5. Call in Certified Professionals

You should never consider taking on meth lab decontamination as a DIY project. The job belongs in the hands of certified specialists who know how to clean a meth house safely so that you can be sure of complete property recovery. Briefly, these are the steps involved in cleaning up a meth lab.

• Your property is secured against unauthorized entry until the decontamination project is finished.

• Technicians set up heavy-duty air moving equipment that runs constantly during the cleaning process.

• All contaminated materials including furnishings, carpets and personal belongings are bagged for safe disposal.

• Special HEPA vacuuming equipment removes contaminated dust from all surfaces including floors and walls.

• Crews finish cleanup by scrubbing floors, walls and surfaces with specially formulated products.

• Final inspection of cleanup and restoration confirms the effectiveness of the remediation process.

By calling in certified professionals, you have the assurance that your property is decontaminated according to detailed state and federal guidelines. You also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your rental’s restoration makes it a safe, healthy environment for new tenants.

Helping You Deal With the Unexpected

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Let certified professionals handle meth lab decontamination cleanup

When you face a dangerous, unfamiliar situation, it can be overwhelming. We hope our tips on dealing with rental property meth labs can serve as guidelines to help you handle the unexpected. Let us know your thoughts on this topic through our Comments Section.

Our meth house cleanup services are always available, and our teams are always ready to answer your call. We tackle cleanup and remediation regardless of rental property size, type or location. When you need the best biohazard and meth lab cleanup company in Chicago and the suburbs, you can depend on ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba 24/7.