Commercial Restroom Cleaning: 6 Ways It’s Good for Business

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: November 5, 2019

If you think you can do without office and business cleaning services, think about customers and employees.

From conference rooms to sales areas, every commercial space makes an immediate and lasting impression. Your interiors’ appearance is an extension of your professional pride. Some of the busiest areas of a commercial property are also the hardest to keep clean.

Can you be sure that restrooms at your business meet your highest standards every day?

You can when you invest in commercial bathroom cleaning services. An experienced cleaning contractor works up a custom plan that takes care of your property, fits your schedule and saves money too.

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning: Why It’s So Important

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They’re private places, but they’re open to the public and your employees. Commercial bathrooms handle a high volume of foot traffic, and they should feel like safe, welcoming spaces. Here are six solid reasons why commercial restroom cleaning is so important to your business.

1. Customers Always Notice

They may not come to you and list everything wrong with a dirty bathroom, but customers remember long after they’ve closed the door on stained sinks and dingy floors. More than 70 percent believe that dirty restrooms reflect badly on management, and they’re quick to share their opinions online.

As fast as bad news travels across review sites, positive comments count too. Commercial bathroom cleaning helps make sure that customers have a consistently good experience at your business.

2. Everything Gets Done

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A commercial cleaning service takes care of the bathrooms on your property from floor to ceiling. Certified cleaners mop tile, polish stall doors and shine mirrors. Toilets and fixtures are completely cleaned and thoroughly sanitized.

Everything gets done on a regular basis, and that prevents dirt and grime buildup. Even the tightest spaces and hard-to-reach corners are scrubbed and treated to ensure a fresh environment.

3. It’s Efficient and Cost-Effective

When employees are responsible for bathroom duty, it cuts into their time on your clock. Balance that loss of productivity against the cost of professional cleaning. Factor in overall morale and your peace of mind.

The numbers add up to real savings when you hire a cleaning contractor. You know that customers always find the restrooms at your commercial property sparkling clean, and that sense of confidence is priceless.

4. Bathrooms Don’t Become Health Hazards

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Billions of dollars evaporate from business profits every year because of employee illness. Dirty restrooms at the workplace contribute to this problem year-round and especially during flu season. Your customers are just as vulnerable to germs that they can carry home to their families.

Professional cleaning crews sanitize floors, surfaces, walls, fixtures and touch points. Their regular routines make a positive difference in employee health on the job, and it protects consumers too.

5. Small Problems Don’t Get Big

Commercial cleaning technicians are industry-trained across a variety of fields. If the crews responsible for your bathrooms spot a problem, you’re informed right away. Chipped floor tiles don’t become tripping hazards, and small leaks under the sink don’t turn into expensive water damage.

The damp environment of a busy commercial restroom often allows unhealthy fungal growth to take hold. Regular bathroom cleaning heads off serious mold and mildew outbreaks.

6. You Have Emergency Help

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When you hire a commercial cleaning contractor, you’re typically working with someone who also handles flooding and water damage emergencies. You can count on highly trained crews for a fast response to everything from plumbing failures and burst pipes to dangerous sewage backup.

A cleaning and restoration company addresses the aftermath of fires, storms and more. When you have a professional cleaning specialist taking care of the bathrooms on your property, you also have access to emergency cleanup and restoration services.

Your Assurance of Sparkling Restrooms

A sparkling restroom is a valuable business asset. When you leave the hard work to a commercial bathroom cleaning service, you know that customers and employees always enjoy a fresh, healthy environment in one of the busiest areas on your property. A full-service cleaning company provides that assurance by:

  • Designing custom commercial cleaning plans that fit your business and budget.
  •  Developing schedule solutions that work around your hours of operation.
  •  Offering cleaning strategies that help save money and hold down your bottom line.

Complete Commercial Cleaning Services

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Bathrooms aren’t the same as signage or business cards, but they make a huge difference in creating a positive customer experience. Our commercial cleaning service company invites you to share your ideas about keeping customers happy through our Comments Section.

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