Building Maintenance: 10 Services Every Building Needs

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: August 19, 2019

You know what it takes to keep a building in good shape, and you know how to keep customers and tenants happy too. As a property owner or facility manager, you juggle dozens of jobs every day. Commercial building maintenance is one of your biggest responsibilities.

When was the last time you outlined the services you need to maintain your building at its best?

It’s something we do every day as Chicago’s leading commercial cleaning contractors. We develop, schedule and coordinate cleaning and maintenance for all types of buildings and properties all across the city.

10 Essential Building Maintenance and Cleaning Services

As well as you organize maintenance and cleaning routines, there’s always room for a handy overview and helpful resources for facility managers. We offer this 10-point list covering important areas and jobs that need regular attention in every commercial building.

1. Exterior Power Washing

power washing building stairs

Foundations, sidewalks, steps and porch entries all contribute to the appearance of your building. Seasonal power washing keeps these surfaces looking their best and also discourages mold and mildew growth. A cleaning contractor who offers power washing services can also take care of emergency graffiti removal.

2. Detailed Attention to Entryways

The areas that greet your customers, tenants and employees each day also handle the building’s heaviest foot traffic. Polished floors, shining doors and sparkling fixtures make sure entryways are clean and inviting. Maintenance routines should include regular inspections for floor mats to identify and eliminate tripping hazards.

3. Expert Carpet and Floor Care

building floor cleaning

Vacuuming and mopping are basic building maintenance routines, but they have to be backed up with deeper cleaning techniques. Dirty carpets in commercial buildings compromise indoor air quality while dirty hardwood floors develop finish and structural problems. Your commercial flooring investments last much longer with expert care.

4. Regular Window Washing

Natural light helps soften the artificial atmosphere created by fluorescent fixtures, and it can actually reduce interior lighting costs. However, grimy windows add to the sense of a dirty, neglected building. A regular cleaning service polishes windows, dusts sills and makes sure the view is always inviting and worth a second look.

5. Freshened Blinds and Drapes

blind cleaning building

Window coverings need cleaning too. Over time, dirty blinds and drapes become coated with an unsightly film that traps dust. Blinds present special problems with slats, pulls and cords while different types of fabric drapes require different cleaning techniques. With routine care, your building’s window coverings stay fresh and easy to clean.

6. A Focus on Lights and Switches

Efficient building maintenance procedures include dusting light bulbs and sanitizing switch plates. Accumulated dirt on light bulbs creates unpleasant odors throughout your building. Dirty switch plates breed and spread germs especially during flu season. Clean lights and switches contribute to a more comfortable workplace and a healthier building.

7. Clean Furnishings and Upholstery

hotel upholstery cleaning

Dirty upholstery and trim give your building’s furniture a dingy appearance. Regular cleaning several times a year preserves the good looks of furnishings from sofas in customer waiting areas to chairs in offices and conference rooms. Routine professional cleaning extends fabric life and protects upholstery with stain-resistant treatments.

8. Sparkling, Sanitized Bathrooms

Customers are quick to judge a building by its bathrooms, so you have to keep these public areas in pristine condition. It involves more than sweeping floors and wiping down counters. Everything from toilets and sinks to tile and grout need to be scrubbed, sanitized and deodorized. A commercial cleaning service takes care of it all.

9. Dust- and Allergen-Free Air Ducts

Air ducts in commercial buildings should be cleaned at least twice a year to maintain optimum indoor air quality. This important building maintenance procedure ensures a healthy atmosphere for customers and employees. Professional duct cleaning also helps keep HVAC equipment running in top condition, and it reduces energy costs.

10. Flood-Proof Maintenance

Fire sprinkler pipes can rupture, and sprinkler heads can leak. Moldy HVAC systems clog drain lines, and the backup overflows drip pans. From sewage lines running away from the property to pipes under break room sinks, your building needs regular flood-proof maintenance to minimize the risk of expensive water damage.

Good for Business

building cleaning contractors

Commercial building cleaning services always deliver solid returns on your investment. When your property looks its best, it invites business, attracts tenants and keeps employees happy. We hope our guide helps you streamline your building’s cleaning and maintenance routines, so let us know your thoughts through our Comments Section.

If you’d like more information about our different cleaning options, give us a call here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba. We’re ready to develop a custom plan that suits your schedule and fits your budget. We’re proud to be considered Chicago’s leader among commercial cleaning contractors, and we look forward to being at your service.