Your Guide to Finding the Best Carpet Cleaning Company for Pet Stains

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: April 19, 2023

They’re our fur babies and our four-legged besties. We love our pets for their sweet devotion and their silly antics. If you share space with a dog or cat, you know the special rewards that come with pet ownership.

You also know the aggravation of trying to remove set stains and unpleasant odors. When DIY efforts don’t work, how do you find dependable pet carpet cleaning services in Chicago or in your vicinity?

Just like a reliable plumber or HVAC contractor, you want someone with solid industry experience who can handle any job. You need one of the best carpet cleaning companies for pet stains. We can help you make that connection.

Choosing the Best Carpet Cleaning Service for Pet Stains: Your 10-Point Guide

 best carpet cleaner for pet stains

The best carpet cleaning companies for pet stains have to do two things very well: take care of your floors and keep your family safe. These 10 points can help you choose the right carpet cleaning contractor for your pet-loving home.

1. Industry Certification Counts

Look for an established business that maintains industry certification through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. This status stands as your assurance that your carpets are in the hands of highly trained professionals. They know how to handle all types of pet stains and odors.

2. Not All Carpets Are Alike

Carpet fiber material, padding and condition all factor into determining the safest cleaning options. Using the wrong products for pet stain and odor removal can void your carpet manufacturer’s warranty. A reputable carpet cleaning contractor carefully inspects all flooring materials before starting any type of work.

3. Pros See Invisible Stains

Sometimes, pets pick out favorite spots that we just don’t notice. The best carpet cleaning companies for pet stains know how to look for these invisible problems. Black light detection is an industry standard for revealing stained areas that can’t be seen otherwise. The technique pinpoints spots that need special treatment.

4. They Look at Subflooring

If a pet accident on the carpet isn’t cleaned up right away, it soaks through the padding and underlayment. Over time, pet urine can ruin carpets and even damage subflooring. A certified carpet cleaning technician checks and treats all pet-stained floor levels.

5. They Take Care of Everything

Pet stains and odors are some of the most common problems professional carpet cleaners handle. However, spots and smells aren’t the only things dogs and cats can leave behind. An experienced carpet cleaning contractor takes care of everything from pet hair, dander and saliva to muddy paw prints and chew-toy stains.

6. Odors Get Special Treatment

When you take the DIY approach to smelly pet accidents, your best carpet cleaner for pet stains often contains baking soda. Professional services use specially formulated products that clean up pet urine and eliminate odors that can permanently affect fibers and padding.

7. Deep Cleaning Is an Option

In the case of a hoarder’s home or a vacant or vandalized property, carpets soaked with pet urine are serious problems. You need a company that can handle deep carpet cleaning and sanitizing. Full-service contractors tackle the job with a combination of truck mounted equipment and hot water extraction techniques.

8. Protection Is Available

Businesses that specialize in cleaning pet-stained carpets also provide pet-friendly treatments that protect fibers from permanent damage. These applications can’t guarantee a well-behaved dog or cat, but they make DIY cleanup easier and help extend carpet life.

9. You Can Choose Green Cleaning

A professional carpet cleaning business offers pet-stain removal services with safe green cleaning options. This type of stain and odor removal uses products that are easy on the environment outside and inside your home. It’s a great option for families dealing with health issues.

10. You Always Have Backup

The best cleaning contractor is the one who takes your call 24/7. When you hire a full-service cleaning and restoration company, you have expert care for pet-stained carpets. You also have someone to call in case of water or fire damage emergencies. It’s the kind of backup that gives you real peace of mind.

Trust, Connect and Share

Best carpet cleaning companies for pet stains

We understand how important it is to trust your pet carpet cleaning service because we love our furry friends too. Let us know how our guide helps you connect with the right residential cleaning contractor. Share it with friends too, and give us your feedback through our Comments Section.

If you’d like information specific to your home and pet, contact our teams here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba. In addition to our full line of residential carpet and rug cleaning, we offer safe, effective pet carpet cleaning services across Chicago and the suburbs. Just give us a call.