7 Incredible Benefits of Green Cleaning Products

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: March 13, 2019

If you’re thinking about hiring a professional house cleaning service, you’re not alone. Leaving the heavy work to professionals really appeals to busy families. There are a lot of advantages to outsourcing housework, and one is actually good for our environment.

Did you know that the benefits of using green products and professional house cleaning services can help take care of both the planet and your environment at home?

Our green home cleaning services here in Chicago and the suburbs offer advantages that are often a better fit for families than traditional methods. From meeting eco-friendly expectations to dealing with chronic health problems, green cleaning can make a positive difference.

Why Is Green Cleaning Important?

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A green approach to house cleaning defines the expression “win-win.” Professional technicians using environmentally safe products keep the house clean from floor to ceiling. You sleep well at night knowing that your home and our environment both benefit in so many ways.

1. Green Cleaning Is Planet-Friendly

The benefits of using green products aren’t always visible, but they’ve played an important role in protecting our environment since the 1960s. They continue to help us preserve cleaner air and combat water pollution.

Green cleaning reduces the amount of chemicals introduced into the environment, and that minimizes impact on the earth’s ozone layer. Eco-friendly cleaning products used in your home help keep the planet cleaner too.

2. The Packaging Also Helps

recycled spray bottle

Often, green cleaning products are packaged in materials designed to cut down on waste. Manufacturers understand the savings generated by using recycled product packaging.

By cutting back on raw materials used to box, bottle and bag products, manufacturers help save resources. They also use biodegradable materials to keep green packaging as eco-friendly as possible.

3. Reduced VOCs Can Mean Better Health

Not everyone is sensitive to the VOCs in traditional cleaning products, but the chemicals can aggravate chronic conditions. The EPA links volatile organic compounds to respiratory disease, liver and kidney damage and even cancer.

Individuals who deal with ongoing medical problems often find that a switch to green cleaning services can help alleviate their symptoms. Green cleaning doesn’t directly address health issues, but it can help create an environment at home that’s easier to live with.

4. It’s a Healthy Choice for the House Too

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If sofas and carpets could talk, they’d probably put in a good word for green cleaning. The products don’t use harsh chemicals, so fabrics and fibers enjoy gentle cleaning that helps preserve their good looks. Painted walls and hardwood floors also benefit from non-toxic treatments.

When you speak with a company about green cleaning services, ask about their technicians’ industry training. Green Seal certification is a solid indicator that you’re dealing with specialists who know how to clean your house from floor to ceiling with eco-friendly green products.

5. Indoor Air Quality Can Improve

If you expect to breathe in the benefits of green products, you might not notice anything. That’s because most of them don’t leave behind a strong aroma. Traditional cleaners fill the air with synthetic fragrances, and most homeowners enjoy the pleasant smells.

However, the fragrance compounds may aggravate existing health problems especially for individuals with respiratory issues. Green cleaning products are formulated to minimize impact on indoor air quality.

6. Surfaces Are Safer for Kids and Pets

green cleaning carpet

Carpet fibers and padding are a big part of your indoor environment. From four-legged best friends napping in the corner to kids playing on the floor, your carpets support more than just foot traffic. Professional green treatments keeps them fresh and clean.

Green cleaners get the job done without leaving behind chemical residues. Kids and pets can’t tell the difference, but reduced exposure to harsh products is an important green benefit that can cover all the fabrics in your home.

7. Green Cleaning Products Really Do Clean

Homeowners often wonder if green cleaning is really effective. The products are specially formulated to get the job done without the chemicals used in traditional cleaners. They perform just as well as more familiar cleaning products.

When we clean homes with green techniques, we use products that are Green Seal certified. This is your assurance that we’re taking care of your indoor environment with cleaning products that are safe for you and the planet.

You Always Have Options

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When customers ask us why green cleaning is important, we explain that some homes need special care to help families deal with health issues. Often, homeowners are simply committed to environmentally responsible practices.

We offer a full line of green, traditional and deep house cleaning. The benefits of our professional house cleaning services extend across the board, so you always have options. Whether you go green or stick with tradition, all our services are designed to make your busy life easier.

Taking Care of Homes and the Planet

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We know that you join us in supporting eco-friendly practices that help us all take better care of our homes and our planet. If you’d like to share your thoughts, your input is always welcome right here through our Comments Section. We enjoy hearing from you.

As one of the leading green cleaning companies in Chicago, we specialize in custom plans for residential and commercial properties. For more information about our green home cleaning services in Chicago and the suburbs, give us a call today at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba.