10 Surprising Advantages of Cleanliness in School

By: Diana Rodriguez-Zaba
Updated on: March 13, 2019

As facility manager or campus director, you make sure your school building always stays clean. It’s one of your most important responsibilities. From classrooms and hallways to cafeterias and administrative offices, you and your staff work very hard every day.

Have you stopped to think about all the positive effects of that commitment to cleanliness in your school?

There are real advantages to maintaining the highest possible levels of cleanliness in an educational setting. As Chicago’s leader among school cleaning companies, we see the benefits on campuses all across the city.

Positive and Lasting Differences: 10 Benefits of Cleanliness In Schools

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If you don’t already have a well-developed cleaning program in place, it can be hard to achieve goals and meet high standards. Often, bringing in a school cleaning contractor makes your job easier by streamlining the process and delivering these 10 surprising benefits.

1. A Better Environment for Learning

Of all the advantages of cleanliness in schools, maximizing the student learning experience remains the most important. Studies show that dirty facilities have a negative impact on classroom performance. Students maintain higher grades and better graduation rates in clean educational environments.

2. Improved Parental Involvement

Parental involvement shouldn’t be motivated by concerns over dingy classrooms and dirty bathrooms. A professionally cleaned school gives parents the assurance that their children are learning in a healthy atmosphere, and it encourages parents to stay involved in the process in a positive way.

3. More Productive Teaching

Your school serves as your teachers’ workplace, and they deserve to look forward to each new day. They perform their jobs better when they aren’t distracted by substandard surroundings. Teachers are more productive when they interact with children in healthy, clean classrooms.

4. Fewer Absences and Sick Days

Maintaining cleanliness in your school helps reduce student absences and teacher sick days. A cleaning contractor makes sure all areas of the building are cleaned, sanitized and disinfected year-round. That protects everyone’s health on campus especially during flu season.

5. Increased Equipment Performance

This advantage is often overlooked, but it’s a money-saving benefit that quickly adds up over semesters. A professional cleaning company offers services that cover air ducts, kitchen equipment and floor drains. That regular attention improves overall performance and extends mechanical and system life.

6. Cost-Effective School Cleaning

Bringing in a cleaning contractor reduces the need to invest in high-ticket maintenance equipment like power washers, steam cleaners and floor buffers. You don’t have to add bulk cleaning products to the budget, and you don’t need to add extra hours to the schedule.

7. Certified On-Site Problem-Solving

Certified cleaning technicians focus specialized industry knowledge on problems that fall outside janitorial duties. Mold remediation, sewage cleanup and more are taken care of by highly trained teams working with advanced equipment and expert knowledge of the safest cleaning products used in schools.

8. A Healthier School Building

Spring, summer and winter breaks provide ideal opportunities for deep school cleaning. This approach backs up daily and monthly routines with projects like steam cleaning carpets, stripping floors and clearing out air duct systems. The entire building benefits from a healthier indoor environment that stays comfortable year-round and helps reduce respiratory problems for everyone on campus.

9. The Assurance That Administration Cares

Students, teachers and staff value a clean campus because it means administration cares enough to invest in cleaning services that ensure their comfort and health. A clean school sends a powerful message that’s appreciated all across campus, and it makes a positive impression on parents too.

10. A Shared Sense of School Pride

The cleanliness of school surroundings makes a difference in how students feel about their campus. Clean classrooms, hallways and cafeterias inspire everyone to pitch in and keep the building in top shape. That shared sense of school pride results in a vibrant campus that reflects the positive values so important to a successful learning experience.

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